Aaj Phir Tera’ – A story of a long wait

Mumbai’s Madmast, a Hindi-Urdu band that started making music in 2017, launched their second single ‘Aaj Phir Tera.’ The band which comprises Vaibhav Sharma, Anish Nair, Nishant Nair, Keshav Parthasarathy, and Saurav Dutta; have essentially produced a very lively, yet nostalgic track with a fabulous music video to along with.

Saakshi Priyadarshini | BeatCurry Team

The song stands out for it’s not-so-obvious phrasings, songwriting, and it’s surprising and gripping voice. The instrumentation and vocals fit perfectly to set the tone of the song. The thumping beats of the drum coupled with a great vocal delivery by Vaibhav Sharma successfully sets the mood, tone and presentation of the song, making it fit for those beautifully lazy mornings when we don’t quite find the motivation to get going. Both, the songwriting and cinematography, had its own element of storytelling and were brilliantly intertwined with each other.

Directed by Vidur Joshi, it shows a simple yet fun recipe for a scrumptious chocolate ganache cake, being prepared by a middle aged man (played by Joseph Oliveira) who seems to be extremely ecstatic for the date he has later that evening. The entire video is a fun ride and very candid. The song was unusually played with a recipe and definitely accounts for brownie points.

A flirtatious tone yet in a simple language, the lyrics are easy to connect and understand. The lyrics effectively convey anyone’s feelings towards their crush who, of course, doesn’t really care about them. The old school romance invoked through this song is a breath of fresh air.

The songwriting uses bass, guitar and keyboard as the primary instruments and their amalgamation delivered an amazing song which automatically gets your feet tapping. The entire concept feels fresh and leaves you with a good vibe, making you feel a little sorry for the cute, energetic and oh-so-hopeful guy. The song hits the right areas and can be heard on loop to enjoy the light breezy music and vocals paired with a connecting video.

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