We started with one thought – Music as an artform is universal, it spans across geographies, genres, cultures and traditions, and the world today is unaware of the diversity of music that is present in different corners of the world. That’s where it started. 

BeatCurry.com, a proudly Made and Imagined in India, a StartUpIndia recognized initiative is a platform exploring the diverse forms of music from around the world and presenting it through interesting and engaging content. We are on a mission to bring to focus the music, musicians, interesting stories and explore the global music culture. We aspire to be a company that shall create a thriving ecosystem for the music industry on a single platform through its pathbreaking content, information, live experiences, resources & opportunities and become a ‘one-stop’ music platform that offers everything under the banner ‘music’.


Founder & Curator



BeatCurry is a platform that thrives on Creativity. Our content is revolutionary, creative and out of the box.


BeatCurry is a one of a kind platform and it’s uniqueness lies in being fluid across all genres of music and transcending it’s experience across people and places.


We hold utmost respect for the art form of music and the people associated with it. Our actions and decisions reflect this quality in every way.


BeatCurry is a result of healthy and warm relations nurtured by its founding team with the music ecosystem. Positive and fruitful bonds are paramount to the organization and this spirit is upheld at all times.


BeatCurry thrives on the youthful energy of the great talent navigating the music space. All initiatives by the platform will display youthful vigour and zest in the best interest of the industry and its people.