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Exploring The Ancient Sounds Of Rajasthan ft. Ustad Lalu Khan

India's Rare and Renowned Morchang Maker ft. Mohan Lal Lohar

The Jaipur Man Who Built A Home For 1000+ Instruments ft. Abdul Aziz


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Founder's Note

A passionate vocalist, pianist and composer at heart, I had an early exposure into Indian classical music, specifically Carnatic, a genre popular in South India, and I began my training in Vocals and Mridangam. Having learnt it for 10 years, the need to work on more styles of music was realized. I was intrigued by improvisational genres such as Hindustani Classical and Jazz. Keeping the existing foundation in mind, I cleared all 8 levels of Trinity College, London curriculum and gradually ventured into Hindustani singing, playing Jazz on the piano. For me, the idea of music is diverse, its universal. Every place in the world has a music that goes beyond geographies and cultures. My vision is to build a global music platform focused on exploring, empowering and supporting the music industry worldwide.





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Could Stone Pillars Sing? The Unknown Architectural Marvel Of South Indian Temples

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Music For The Mind, Body & Soul: Anuradha Pal’s Foundation Creates A Symphony Of Wellness

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