Yashraj Shaw’s ‘Kabhi To Aana’ is Musical Bliss Set in Ladakh ft. Deachan Angmo

Talk about unfolding a sweet love story with Ladakh as its backdrop, Yashraj has already sold us this beautiful track that hits the right nerve. With every beat the story unfolds a new beginning to two souls essentially different yet growing close as the track progresses.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team

‘Kabhi To Aana’ is the perfect indie track that sounds like a dream and moves on to become the epitome of ‘what if’. Right from the beginning, the string section and the ambience created reflects the spark felt while taking a risk letting oneself engulf the newness of someone’s ingress into our lives. Pritam Gohain Boruah on the strings, Trihangku Lahkar, Anubhav Gogoi and Yashraj Shaw brings forth an exquisite piece of music that is both innovative and soothing.

Right off the bat the composition feels fresh, dainty with the mix of surprise that is synonymous to a bonding that is new. This ‘Hindie’ track has every element that could easily be mistaken for a mainstream song, all owing to the efficient hands this is made out of. Yashraj is absolutely in his element with the type of production and arrangement he is known for, with the best thing being his ability to make something so soulful, lyrically and instrumentally.

Listen to Kabhi Toh Aana by Yashraj Shaw ft. Deachan Angmo on YouTube

Yashraj Shaw has been one of the few independent artists in India, who is able to capture the beauty of India along with flaunting those beautiful vocals. His audience not only patiently waits for his tracks but also awaits the beautiful visuals that he blesses his audience with. One particular thing about his videos is also that each place his songs are shot in has a character to play in his music, be it Meghalaya in “Tum Meri Thi” and “Pariyon Ki Kahani” and Ladakh in “Kabhi To Aana”. This is originality at its best along with professing his love for his country by showing us the glimpse of the beauty of our country, just the way he visualizes it. Needless to say it is tasteful and alluring. Deachan Angmo adds a beautiful presence to the video, it really feels as if she is our guide to the beautiful memories shown.

Originally from Hazaribagh, in Jharkhand, Yashraj has been passionately pursuing his knack for music for over 15 years. Although his tracks almost always follow a certain type of genre ranging within Indie pop, his lyrics are just the perfect essence of what he brings forth with such exclusivity. “Kabhi To Aana” co-written by Yashraj and Gaurang Agarwal takes the center stage to what the track really is at its core; a beautiful love story. Not only a passionate singer and composer, Yashraj deserves special attention for his lyrical ability to express exactly what he intends to, with such poetic valor is commendable to say the least.

Listen to Kabhi Toh Aana by Yashraj Shaw ft. Deachan Angmo on Spotify

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