NIKITAA’s “Godless” Is A Powerful Ode to Inner Strength & Liberation

LA-based singer-songwriter NIKITAA delivers a powerful performance on her latest single, “Godless.” Her vocals and delivery perfectly capture the song’s theme of inner strength and liberation.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team

Those who have been lucky enough to hear NIKITAA for the first time, her poison lies within RnB and Pop influences and “Godless” confirms her potential. The ethereal factor in the entire track is how heavenly her voice sounds and what range she possesses even with the least amount of instruments cushioning her. Her voice stands tall and brave, much like the message she conveys in this track. “Godless” emanates from a personal space, portraying the journey of falling down but rising up with a strength that multiplies in the face of challenges. Her wrath is silent and fury is strong yet it should not be mistaken as toxic. It is pure in its own right, walking all over defiance and reclaiming inner power.

Listen to Godless by NIKITAA on YouTube

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The lyrics are such a cherry on the cake, written with a zest of growing over morbidity in life, like a green sapling growing out of a dead tree. The orchestral arrangement adds an exclusive dimension to the track, highlighting the vocals and, ultimately, the poignant lyrics.

NIKITAA has always been the flagbearer of breaking free the norms that bind individuals. The same theme was also explored by her in “Apsara” and even “Throne” all infusing bits of Pop in them but with the ultimate theme of fluidity and breaking free. Being an Indian, her musical roots are too strong and often hints at her vocal strength that isolates her from any other RnB/Pop artists. With millions of views and streams across platforms, NIKITAA serves as a powerful muse for those grappling with gender dysphoria, inspiring them to break free from societal constraints.

Listen to Godless by NIKITAA on Spotify

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