Did Michael Jackson Really Play Spider-Man’s Role?

Believe it or not, Michael Jackson almost traded his moonwalk for webs! In the 90s, the King of Pop wanted to be the first live-action Spider-Man and even tried to buy Marvel Comics to make it happen. What would the Marvel Cinematic Universe have looked like with MJ playing your favorite super-heroes? Read to find out more.

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Michael Jackson was a legend known for his chart-topping music, iconic moonwalk, electrifying dance moves, and gravity-defying leans. You’re familiar with his peppy pop hits, sold-out stadium shows, and undeniable influence on music and pop culture. But did you know the King of Pop once harbored a surprising ambition – to star in a superhero movie? Not just any superhero, but for starters, the iconic web-slinger himself, Spider-Man! Well, what’s been the buzz about? Did he really play Spider-Man’s role? Let’s get started.

In 1996, facing financial troubles, Marvel created Marvel Studios to produce its own superhero movies. They aimed to have more control over the creative process and partnered with studios like 20th Century Fox for filming and distribution. While they secured deals for films like X-Men and Fantastic Four, other projects like Captain America’s animated series fell through due to Marvel’s bankruptcy in 1996.

On the other hand, Jackson’s career was under scrutiny. Allegations of child sexual abuse had tarnished his image several years prior, casting a shadow over his once-unmatched fame. He no longer was at the peak of his musical career, and saw acquiring Marvel as a way to reinvent himself. The rumors about his desire to play Spider-Man further suggest a yearning to recapture the spotlight, perhaps through a major film role. However, Jackson’s legacy remains complex due to the serious allegations against him, which were further explored in the 2019 documentary “Leaving Neverland.”

In addition to his musical superstardom, Michael Jackson was a huge movie and superhero fan. Back then making movies and shows on superhero characters was an emerging market. His passion was so strong that he reportedly wanted to acquire the rights to Spider-Man and portray the character himself. When this attempt was denied, Jackson allegedly went even further, offering to purchase the entire Marvel Comics company! Despite numerous interactions and negotiations with Stan Lee throughout the 1990s, Marvel turned down Jackson’s offer to buy marvel!

The first look of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, starring Tobey Maguire, hit the box office with a whopping success in 2002. Marvel Studio’s business saw an upward trajectory setting a stage for more such superhero movies to come. Soon in 2009, Disney stepped in to purchase Marvel for a whopping $4billion, which has taken the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a stage where their movies have grossed over $22billion even back in 2020, making it one of the most lucrative and best investments in the world of media and entertainment.

In closing, Michael Jackson, of course, did not succeed in acquiring Marvel and fulfilling his acting aspirations. But just imagine what could have happened if he had secured the rights to Marvel. Perhaps he would have donned the iconic costumes of your favorite superheroes! What would that have looked like?

All information sourced from various sources purely for factual reporting purposes only.
Image Courtesy: MJWORLD.NET

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