Mame Khan’s ‘Desert Rose’ Recites The Heartfelt Journey Of Life

The thing about Mame Khan’s music is that it reminds us of the richness our culture has yet to offer. Comprising the vibrance of a warm welcome, Mame Khan presents to us a platter of love, life, and festivity. Khan belongs to the Manganiyar community of Rajasthan, which is famous for its distinct style of folk music. ‘Desert Rose’ makes sure to highlight Mame Khan’s fond liking towards global music, exploring the universe of colorful chords, beats, sounds, grooves, upbeat energies, fusion and everything in between. Sit back and enjoy the exclusive feature of Mame Khan’s Desert Rose on

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Originally meaning “Desert Rose,” the album is named ‘Registan Ro Gulab’ by Mame Khan. “Sajde” is one of the six songs from the album released on 14th October this year, along with Halariya-Janam Mubarak, Hawa Se, Saawan-A Musical Storm, Kabira, and Rajasthan Express. Khan has made sure to incorporate the most versatile lot of artists in the country, such as Sheldon D’Silva, Amar Sangam, Purbayan Chatterjee, Taufiq Qureshi, Gino Banks, Nihal Kamboj and among others. 

Back in the country, Mame Khan is quite popular with his performances in the Coke Studio and as an established Bollywood playback singer. His various ventures, like live performances worldwide, have already been overtly loved and appreciated over several platforms. Mame Khan has always been incredibly proud and respectful of the traditional approach to music and its strong foundations. Yet he is also a believer of small changes or ‘Badlav’ required to gel with the contemporary style of music. A similar temperament is found in Khan’s music; hence, it is relatable even to an audience often foreign to his language. Undoubtedly, his rustic yet harmonious melodies have been the face of the exotic lands of Rajasthan, his original descent. 



Rajasthan Express is the medley of the celebration of Rajasthan, infusing all the authentic feel of the land. The song takes you through practically all the attractive traditions, places, people, the desert land and the diverse colors of Rajasthani folk music. The song combines the buoyancy of celebration with innate pleasure, a sort of tightly knit composition made with the best of famous Rajasthani folk songs. The ambiance created with the beautiful combined use of Dafli, Dholak with synthesizers, and even Sarangi, and the dancers dancing their hearts out creating a burst of colors and emotions. Like the name, the song transports you into the exotic lands of Rajasthan but with the taste of the modern mix of instruments. Interestingly, every musician takes a unique part in the song’s flow with solo moments to shine, with the company of the melodious voice of Mame Khan himself. “Rajasthan Express” is not just a song but a journey in its own right, a portal through the ears to the golden lands of Rajasthan.  

Listen to Rajasthan Express from Mame Khan’s latest album Desert Rose here


The song commences with the captivating vocals of Mame Khan and the harmonium played by Hemant Dangi. The initial notes that Khan hit, almost without any instrument, are a testament to why he is the most celebrated artist in the Indian folk music scene. Rajasthani songs are the most popular worldwide because of the coarse quality of the vocals, yet ornamented with various distinct instruments ranging from Sarangi, and Kamaicha, to the Nagaras, Dhols, and even Shehnai.

A striking factor of ‘Sajde’ is that although it begins with a typical Indian rhythm and arrangement, you find the Western undercurrent throughout. ‘Sajde’ has been in tune with many of Khan’s recent works, and this unity of the western sounds with Indian music has been quite the people’s favorite across the globe. Use of varied instruments, with an almost head-swaying groove combined with Mame Khan’s voice makes it a romantic and relaxing piece of art.

The lyrics by Kamal Kishore Rajput are beautifully poetic, creating the drama of the discreet meetup of two lovers, with only the sky full of stars as a witness. Khan adepts his voice to assimilate the thrill of the confrontation with the exhilaration of the heart, comparing it to God-like honor. The constant smile resting on the face of Mame Khan portrays the merry and joy the story of lovers has brought to the audience. 

Listen to Sajde from Mame Khan’s latest album Desert Rose here


“Saawan A Musical Storm” is a majestic ballad of the rain and people rejoicing in their merry. The entire song has a different lifetime, built on the portrayal of upheaval caused by the storm to the grandiose celebration following it. Khan re-embraces the range of instrumental soundscape. Every corner of the musical piece represents the cultural transfusion, yet no moment seems repetitive or on your face. The rejoicing ejected through every note reaches the listener. 

For all the older fans of Mame Khan, this piece might be well-versed as the song “Saawan.” Even though the former composition is deeply rooted in the classical form of Rajasthani folk, a similar purity is retained with the later rendition creating a good mix with the experimental western. Every bit of the song was well composed and arranged, presenting an accurate picture of the prowess of the team’s capabilities as a whole. “Saawan A Musical Storm” has outdone his art with this one, clearly depicting the storm’s havoc with the refreshing rain washing away every ounce of sorrow through the celebratory melody.

Listen to Saawan A Musical Storm from Mame Khan’s latest album Desert Rose here


“Halariya Janam Mubarak,” is a modern rendition of the already prevalent Rajasthani folk song, traditionally sung to celebrate the birth of a child. This upbeat, peppy track creates a wave of celebratory moments throughout and is a thorough funfest of life and colors. 

Listen to Halariya Janam Mubarak from Mame Khan’s latest album Desert Rose here


We never thought a genre like Reggae, Indian folk sounds combined with Sant Kabir’s pad could musically fuse so perfectly! Based on the original composition by Kabir Das, the illustrious esoteric ‘fakir,’ “Kabira” captures your conscience like no other. The song describes inner tranquility as being devoid of earthly possessions and finding the seraphic wisdom within oneself. This is the finest amalgamation of both worlds, creating a dreamy combination of the Indie-folk. Even with the gorgeous back vocals and musicians creating the perfect cushion of pop aesthetic, Mame Khan grounds the listener with his rustic pleasance. The groovy vibe backs the track’s soul while the vocals uplift the essence altogether. 

Listen to Kabira from Mame Khan’s latest album Desert Rose here


Hearing the mandolin with the vocals of a Rajasthani singer hailing from the villages of core India changes every perception of Khan about his understanding of music. One of the bravest attempts by far, “Hawa Se ” is surprising and extraordinary in the least. The most striking fact about this song is that the singer, with his highly professional and classical approach, sings the song with great ease, accompanied by western instruments. It is heartwarming and impressive how the singer has delved into a genre not his own yet excels at every step. Mame Khan in his suit and a rose tied to his pocket is such an iconic treat to his fans. His voice has an unmistakable range and boldness, yet Khan is so tender and soothes our ears while narrating the heart-wrenching pain of a longing man through the song. This piece of the album deserves attention for its sincere show of the range of talent.  

Listen to Hawa Se from Mame Khan’s latest album Desert Rose here

Desert Rose by Mame Khan. Enjoy the entire album on Spotify


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