“Lucky Tonight” Is Jeanne Merchant’s Vibrant Synth-Pop Anthem For Carefree Nights

Jeanne Merchant, the acclaimed vocal coach and singer-songwriter, has unveiled her latest single, “Lucky Tonight,” a vibrant synth-pop track produced by Anshuman Sharma, featuring a guest verse from rapper EPR Iyer. Known for her previous hits like “Fake Love” and “Magic,” Merchant’s latest release sees her exploring a different musical territory, delivering a shimmering anthem for carefree nights out on the town.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team

“Lucky Tonight” can be best described as a fusion of soul music, compelling lyrics, and dynamic spoken verse, creating an unforgettable musical experience. The song captures the essence of friends enjoying a lavish, carefree night, hopping from club to club and letting loose. Merchant’s vocals shine brightly, showcasing her range as a singer and playful lyrical choices. With a modern pop sheen, Merchant effortlessly navigates the catchy melodies, while EPR’s rap verse adds an extra layer of energy and charisma to the track. The accompanying music video, directed by Tushar Mahajan and edited by Alec D’Souza, perfectly complements the infectious energy of the song, with Merchant dazzling in stylish ensembles that meet the modern pop star aesthetic with glitz and glamor.

Anshuman Sharma’s production elevates “Lucky Tonight” to new heights, with his knack for creating infectious beats and catchy hooks shining through. As a mainstay in Indian hip-hop, EPR brings his unique blend of rap to the track, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

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Released via Merchant Records, founded by composer duo Salim-Sulaiman, “Lucky Tonight” showcases Merchant’s ability to craft catchy, meaningful music that resonates with audiences. With a string of successful singles under her belt, including “Round and Round” and “Christmas Time,” Merchant continues to solidify her place in the music industry as a force to be reckoned with. “Lucky Tonight” is a vibrant anthem that celebrates the joy of living in the moment and embracing life’s adventures. With its catchy melodies, compelling lyrics, and dynamic performances, it’s sure to be a hit on the airwaves and in the hearts of listeners everywhere.

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