Dil Bekabu Is K and Abhi’s Rediscovery Of Childhood Nostalgia

Dil Bekabu peeks at the childhood days of pure glee and embracing the child within without a doubt.K and Abhi successfully recreates the burst of pure joy and redirects the listeners to the days of innocence and wonder.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team

K and Abhi aka Kailasnadh Komara and Abhimanyu Wadhwa, is the powerhouse duo and their pop-infused melodies have each time made a special place in the audience’s heart. This has been a norm for the duo since their earlier releases. Since the release of their EP “Sunwave” and “Something I saw”, both have had their fair share of love and attention from ardent music lovers. Recently their hindi single “Tere Hi Saath” created a stir among their daily music listeners owing to the beautiful lyrical composition and the catchy hook that still has a similar effect if you were to listen to it now. A common theme is resurrected throughout their music and that is sticking to a particular feeling and inducing similar feelings among the ones listening to it. Their exploratory side has always been the prime reason of connect with listeners along with the memorable compositions.

“Dil Bekabu” tugs at your heartstrings and takes you down the childhood alley. Every lyric reflects the creator’s longing for the days of past glory and innocence. With beautiful ambient music like the beginning, the strings are essentially the core of the melody. One can easily point out how smoothly the Guitars have been used to make sure they create the perfect background for the beautiful lyrics penned by Rajat Bhardwaj, that are about to make their way. Abhimanyu as usual takes the credit for his vision with the arrangements, instrumentation, production and exploring various possibilities on the guitar, which has almost become a musical signature in K and Abhi songs! The beats add on to the groovyness of the melody and overall it becomes the perfect music for a long drive, as suggested by the creators themselves.

Listen to Dil Bekabu by K and Abhi on YouTube

The most beautiful part is the hook line where the introduction of chorus as well the vocals create such amazing moments all thanks to the amazing breezy yet groovy composition. Kailasnadh’s voice suits the melody perfectly and creates that effortless magic that is not easy to recreate. The entire production is capable of bringing a smile to anyone watching this. A special credit to Neel Trivedi and his beautiful art and animation that almost reminds the listeners of the comics that we would read in our childhood. “Dil Bekabu” collectively tries to make us recall the days when we all would not try to control ourselves but freely do and express as and how we wished, in short lived our childhood. K and Abhi’s intention is quite similar, trying for us to reconnect with the child within us and live our lives with a similar child like zest.

In a social media post the duo mentioned the song’s journey being formed out of jam sessions and conversations. Something about hotel room jam sessions only could create something essentially so memorable, and “Dil Bekabu” is the perfect example of it. Tune in to “Dil Bekabu” for your next perfect road trip, reminiscing days of the past, which is sure to bring a smile on your face.

Listen to Dil Bekabu by K and Abhi on Spotify

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