Embrace The Indie-Pop Magic In Ishaan Nigam & Brite Roy’s ‘Gumshuda Main Hoon’

Ever experienced that delightful sensation of falling for someone special? If the joy of being deeply in love strikes a chord with you, then “Gumshuda Main Hoon” deserves a cherished spot in your playlist.

By Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team

Previously collaborating with Brite Roy, Ishaan Nigam created iconic and heartwarming acoustic songs about friendship. His recent project takes a peppier turn, transforming into an impressive love song that’s impossible not to savour. This indie-pop piece is breezy, adorned with gentle beats that occasionally grace the composition.

Listen to Gumshuda Main Hoon by Ishaan Nigam & Brite Roy on YouTube:

There’s a magical synergy when Ishaan collaborates with Brite, bringing out the best in both of them. It’s not just our opinion—ever since their single, “Gumshuda Main Hoon,” dropped, it has been receiving love and fans from various social media channels. This trend continues from their previous collaborations, “O Jaana” and “Yaari Ke Dhaage,” which remains a fan favourite among Ishaan’s body of work.

“Gumshuda Main Hoon” echoes the contemporary Bollywood music style with a hint of indie flair in the melody, addictive enough to linger in your mind with every play. With an incredibly catchy composition, Brite Roy seems to have the master key to what listeners adore. His creations resonate directly with the younger generation, who enjoy mainstream movies yet crave a touch of indie in their music. The lyrics take on a journey of their own, smoothly blending into the song’s essence, thanks to Brite Roy.

The most enchanting element of the music undoubtedly lies in Ishaan’s velvety vocals, showcasing the singing prowess of an experienced playback singer. His vocal control, coupled with the requisite charm for such a lively song, adds an extra layer of sweetness to the composition.

Listen to Gumshuda Main Hoon by Ishaan Nigam & Brite Roy on Spotify:

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