Meet Dilip Sakhrani-India’s Beatboxing Legend

Hailing from Bangalore, this Beatbox enthusiast started his journey at the age of 17, dedicating almost a decade and thousands of hours mastering the craft, which today has inspired Beatbox experts and millions of audiences with his unique soundscape. Explore Dilip’s story. Read to know more.

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In the vibrant world of beatboxing, Dilip Sakhrani, widely known as Dilip Beatboxer, has emerged as India’s shining star, leaving an indelible mark on the international beatbox scene. His journey is a testament to unparalleled dedication, artistic innovation, and an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of his craft. India’s First Beatboxer to win the prestigious Swissbeatbox Camp, who secured 5th in the GBB World League Wildcard, DILIP has represented India at the Grand Beatbox Battle 2023 (GBB) in Tokyo this October for a remarkable top 8 finish. Let’s hear him!

Dilip at SBX Camp Student Solo Battle 2019

As you could see for yourself, this highly demanding and intricate artform called Beatboxing is the art of vocally producing percussions, rhythm, melodies and sounds all done using only the human mouth! Fascinating right? It also involves the art of mimicking drum machines, using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, and voice. It may also involve vocal imitation of turntablism, and other musical instruments. 


Talking about his journey to fame, it all started by winning many Beatbox Battles at College Fests, Hip Hop Jams, the 1st Bangalore Beatbox Championship, National Level Events in Goa, Colossal, participating and winning at over 100+ Beatbox Battles and performing in Poland, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Philippines and all over India showcasing his talent to diverse audiences worldwide.

Dilip at SBX Camp Student Solo Battle 2019


Dilip’s meteoric rise to fame includes a historic victory at the Swissbeatbox Camp, where he became the first-ever Indian beatboxer to triumph at an international event. His online presence echoes his global appeal, with a Swissbeatbox video boasting over 1 million views, showcasing the reach and influence of his extraordinary talent. Recognized by legends namely D-low, Gene, and Colaps, DILIP also made it to major international wildcards of notable competitions such as Beatbox to World by Korea Beatbox, Odyssey Osb by American Beatbox and a lot more garnering global recognition. Dilip’s prowess extends beyond individual victories; he clinched the top position in the Sbx Kickback Wildcard, assessed by World Champion Colaps and Pepouni, further solidifying his status as a global beatboxing sensation.

On the national front, Dilip emerged as the first ever Bangalore Beatbox Champion and claimed victory at the Beatbox Battle hosted at Freeze, a Hip-hop jam event organized by Jordindian. His judging and winning performances span across India, with appearances in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata, and top international spaces in Poland, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Philippines etc.

Dilip at SBX Camp Student Solo Battle 2019 Champion


Boasting over 100 beatbox battle victories at college fests and hip-hop jams, Dilip’s consistent excellence showcases his dedication and prowess. With over 8 years of beatboxing experience and an astounding 10,000 hours invested in perfecting his craft, Dilip has crafted his own original sounds and a unique style. His sound design, reaching the highest level, serves as an inspiration to multiple world champions and individuals globally. Dilip Beatboxer’s contribution to the beatboxing world is a symphony of talent, dedication, and creative vision. As a trailblazer, he continues to inspire aspiring beatboxers worldwide, leaving an enduring legacy in the global beatboxing community. Dilip Sakhrani’s dedication, innovation, and his success on national and international stages has positioned him as a trailblazer for beatboxers globally, putting India on the global beatboxing map and solidifying his role as an iconic artist to look forward to.

All information sourced from Dilip Sakhrani’s Management, with support of BBXINDIA (BeatboxIndia)

Image courtesy: Photograph: @dilipbeatboxer

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