Raveena Mehta & YSoBlue Join Forces In Crafting ‘Awara’: A Vibrant Synthwave Disco Fusion

“Awara” is Raveena’s indie baby that has all the specialities of a single that is especially powerful and engrossing for her listeners. Ever since the release of “Awara” on 15th of November, it has already amassed huge love from fans with millions of streams already. 

By Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team

In the vibrant strains of Raveena Mehta’s latest release, “Awara,” the essence of love and companionship unfolds with a fusion of disco funk and Synthwave elements. “Awara” becomes an anthem of joy, celebrating the tranquility found in each other’s presence and accentuating the belief that love is a rebellious, boundary-defying journey. 

Listen to Awara by Raveena Mehta & YSoBlue on YouTube: 

Raveena Mehta discovered her passion for music at the age of five, and at twelve, she unveiled her first commercial album, “From Deep Within,” in 2010. Growing up in Mumbai, she attended the prestigious American School of Bombay before pursuing Fine Arts at Goldsmiths, University in London. Delving into diverse genres, particularly RnB/Soul, she seamlessly weaves Hindi and Urdu into her music, honoring her Indian roots. Raveena’s artistic exploration extends beyond music, reflecting her multicultural upbringing. With over a million followers on Instagram, she has become a social media sensation. Her musical journey is evident of her unyielding dedication and creative fervor.

“Awara,” a dynamic fusion of disco funk and Synthwave, unfolds as a captivating dance anthem. Raveena Mehta’s spirited vocals, expertly harmonized with YSoBlue’s impeccable and captivating music production. The seamless collaboration extends to Azadd’s capable lyricism, injecting a playful charm into the song. The groovy rhythm, adorned with vibrant synth beats, transports listeners to the heart of a retro discotheque. Each contributor, from the singer to the producer and lyricist, has lent their expertise, resulting in a track that is both infectious and momentarily transporting. “Awara” invites you to revel in its energetic vibe, an exemplification to the collective talent at play. 

Listen to Awara by Raveena Mehta & YSoBlue on Spotify:

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