“Being present in life is important”- IFPx50Hrs music challenge winner Dhi Harmony

How often do we meet artists who are striving to open doors to represent their culture as well as make it relevant in their own rights? After the release of his latest ode, ‘Dil Kahein Jo,’ Tanmoy Guha aka Dhi Harmony, was happy to share his bit of stories with us, talking about his unique choices in sound, usage of language and his win at the India Film Project 50 hours challenge. Enjoy this conversation.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


When did you first start thinking about being a musician? What are your musical roots that you draw your inspiration from?

For the longest time, I didn’t think about pursuing music as my career. I hail from a folk (Baul Culture) background, and I have learned a lot from here. My family background was the main reason that I could follow my medical profession, as I was sure to create something of my own without any regrets. According to me, the melody and the simplicity of lyrics found in the Baul songs is what inspired me to focus on the minute details of songs and study more about it.

Perhaps, the most influential person in my life was my grandfather, who introduced me to the classical sphere of harmony. He used to lovingly call me ‘Dhi’ and I still have a lot of attachment to this name! Originally a sitar player, my grandfather used the radio to get me to be familiar with the works of musical maestros like Salil Chaudhary and Manna Dey.

Ranaghat almost has a backdrop of the red-soiled Shantiniketan, its oozing rich cultures and untold stories for decades, with its unique pattern of music and tonality. Now we know where Dhi gets his distinct classical edge from!


Dhi expressed his love for this mother tongue, his community and his music.

“I am a proud Bengali. I am actually interested in learning about it. I want to deliver the essence I have got, back to my own mother tongue. I love my community and hence am eager to produce Bengali singles along with his Hindi & English ones. I feel at the end of the day, it is about authenticity, and that comes by nature.”

Satisfaction from work will always be Tanmoy’s first priority. Dhi Harmony is all about fusion; with the commercial competition, along with the melodies that are worthwhile and expressive of his feelings of life.


What effect did the pandemic have on you & how are you coping with it?

I miss every bit, conversations, even the breaks we took! I absolutely love being in studios and all the  live situations and occurrences. However there has been a rise in the demand for audio-related services. This has created opportunities for people, who know the use of online services and devices. That is a plus. Yet many smaller artists are having a hard time, not knowing about production softwares, having to rely on people for production and creation. That becomes difficult during the quarantine period, which calls for techniques like adaptation and going with the times.”

It is amazing that in-spite of all the problems and disruptions during the pandemic, Dhi Harmony put up the award winning ‘Bechain’ for fans to appreciate. He elucidated his journey of making the song-created a drum-based track and later thought of it after reading a book on Sati. The flavour of rebel, created alongside the rhythmic Sarangi seems effortless in the music Dhi Harmony, yet hits the listener hard.

How difficult was your path to music?

Learning art is extremely difficult and expensive in today’s world, and the same was for me. The class difference taunts in my music school, coming even from my own fraternity, was definitely hurtful. It would be a lie to say that it wasn’t. Yet, one needs to take it all, analyse oneself and grow from it.


Soon-to-release Albums & Dream Collab

I am eager to work on world genres along with indigenous projects that teach me more about my Indian musical roots. I am a huge fan of the legendary A.R. Rahman, therefore working with him is a dream! He is the composer of the people, yet also manages to advance our musical culture with each release. This is extraordinary! Also I listen to a lot of Justin Bieber. I love listening to his voice, even Jacob Collier, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars. My interests are actually varied.

I am happy to announce that it is with none other than Gomathi Iyer. We are currently working on a light-hearted pop song. I have always liked her work, and also happen to know her from the True School of Music, where we studied together. Looking forward to that one.


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