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Danish streaming app Moodagent launches in India


Music and emotions are simultaneous. There’s an app that makes it a tangible reality. There’s this amazing app that combines music, mood, and magic. Moodagent is the app you need right now on your phones if your music goes hand in hand with your moods. Read on to explore more about it.


Saakshi Priyadarshini | BeatCurry Team


How many times you’ve desperately wanted something and the Universe realised it for you? Rare might be your answer. With the introduction of the magical Moodagent app, this is one of those rare times for a music lover who loves to associate songs with emotions, moods, or just human energy.

The big news is that the Moodagent App has launched in India recently to take Indian music listeners on a personalised musical experience like never before. The platform has been working to establish itself in India for the past 12 months. Finally, under the Executive Vice-President Jyoti Handa, also designated as the Managing Director of Moodagent India, it has set up its operations in India-Delhi and Mumbai.

The Danish streaming platform functional since 2019 established itself well in the European countries in the past and now is ready to compete in the Indian markets after making its May debut in Australia. There’s a 14 day trial period till when users can have an all-access, after which they would have to switch to a premium subscription mode.


The Moodagent app was created in Denmark and belongs to the parent company Moodagent A/S. In the year 2001, the music streaming service was first conceived and the bedrock technology got patented in 2004. The app has improved and stepped up its game year by year, releasing ‘Playlist DJ’, the first from back in 2009 exclusively for NOKIA and iOS. It was then rebranded as Moodagent and new versions were released on several platforms like Blackberry, Android, Spotify, etc. In fact, when in 2014, the company retracted all its B2C offerings, it already had 15 million downloads.


Moodagent’s algorithm can identify and segregate songs based on their emotional value, mood, beats, genre, or style. To do all this mystical stuff, it takes nothing but a stellar combination of advanced AI, Machine Learning, Digital Signal Processing technology, and abundant research data on human musicology to deliver the unprecedented classification of songs based on their emotional characteristics.

The working of the app is quite unique. Jyoti Handa shares his thoughts on the release of Moodagent in India:

We feel the music listening experience Moodagent is bringing to the Indian consumer will create a niche and help consumers create their personalized playlists by just a tap. We feel Moodagent will revolutionize the whole music industry with the uptake of new/old content and at the same time discovery of new artists in the app.



The app claims to be your personal agent to provide you with the most personalised experience in the musical world. The app has the following features:

  • Unlimited song discovery, even the less famous but apt songs, in addition to the chartbusters.
  • The interactive mood bars for feeding in your exact mood in exact intensity.
  • Discover similar mood songs by fixing one reference song.
  • All premium service, no concealed charges or ad interruptions between you and your vibe.
  • Personalized suggestions and ever-adapting playlists to provide you with just what you need.
  • You can share the music with friends on social media.
  • Seamless UI and full control over what you listen to. Save songs and make your own playlist.


That’s where Moodagent aims at changing your music streaming experience with its easy-to-use, immersive user experience. The app would analyze your choice of artists, present you with suggestions and provide different moods to choose from. You can set the mood sliders and the app would instantly present you with a new playlist tailor-made just for your specific choice.

Check it out for yourselves. Try for free:


Currently, the app doesn’t show considerable regional or other language music because it’s not currently established well in India and is looking for collaborations to fully enter and rule the Indian markets. Regarding that, Jyoti Handa explained:


“We have presented to the Indian consumers access to International Music (covers almost all big and small labels), we shall be adding the Indian regional music to Moodagent as well which is in the works.”


Founded by music enthusiasts Peter Berg Steffensen and Mikael Henderson in 2020, the company aims to expand its presence in 25+ countries by the end of 2023. We’re sure to witness a revolution in this music streaming day and age.

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