E:K’s ‘Khoye Pal’ is the perfect sound of nostalgia coming to life

Khoye Pal, the first single released by the collaborative duo Eeshan:Kaushik, is one of its kind song and music video that focuses on the vastness and beauty of life and nature through the magnificent Spiti valley. Let’s take a closer dive into their music.


Tanya Sujan | BeatCurry Team


Both of these artists come from very different musical backgrounds; Kaushik Ramachandran is the songwriter and vocalist for Paradigm Shift, a music band known for its exceptional and harmonious fusion of classical music and progressive rock while Eeshan Tripathi is a composer and performer who has worked as a keyboardist with Udit Narayan, Aditya Narayan, Hariharan & Leslie Lewis aka The Colonial Cousins and many others. Eeshan and Kaushik first collaborated on a project Kaushik was doing with the Mumbai-based producer Rahul Kannan, where they were working on a song called Pehchaan. Eeshan was brought in to help with his expertise in electronic soundscaping.



Finding similarities and harmonious differences in each other’s work, the duo decided to come together-in their interview with us, Eeshan describes the idea of collaboration very aptly, “The charm of collaboration in general is a very exciting idea in itself because you are stepping away from your thought process. You have to blend in and you have to pause your emotions to see what the other guy is saying…Our learnings and teachings are self governed, until a collaboration happens and the learning expands.”


The song, Khoye Pal, serves as a soulful reminder to the listener to stop for a second and breathe in every exhilarating and unique experience life has to offer. It provides the listener with a sense of control over one’s life and happiness. As revealing and refreshing as the lyrics of the song were, what came as the icing on the cake was the brilliant sense of soundscaping and the variety of complex layers this tiramisu-like track had to offer. However, the thing that stood out with Khoye Pal was the excellent visualisation which transformed it from just a track to an entire storytelling experience. The music video, shot in the beautiful valley of Spiti, combined with a unique sense of direction and ingenious camerawork wrapped the entire track together into a wholesome piece of art. Every frame of the video looked like a painting and had a terrain-inspired colour palette, consisting of various shades of brown, ochre, reds, striking often with shades of blue.


Khoye Pal is a perfect song for a drive on a pleasant evening with the windows rolled down and the wind playing with one’s hair. It is an ode to the principle of ‘Viva La Vida’ and the melodious track combined with stunning visual experience makes this a song that will stay on our playlists for a long time.


Editor’s Note: Eeshan and Kaushik are not just musicians, but I’d rather believe they’re sound sculptors and designers carving out magnificent musical experiences. With an immersive and exuberant soundscape, tight cinematography and a touching story, ‘Khoye Pal’ is a sneak peek into the prodigious, creative and zealous brains behind this masterpiece! The progression, the words and the graph of the whole score, made it seem as though it had its own identity that blended with the visuals, especially with the breathtaking shots from Spiti Valley. Khoye Pal is a tightly-knit audio-visual experience to die for. In short, for me it was the ‘Sound of Nostalgia’ coming to life!


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