Steve Knight & Peekay’s “Running” Pronounces A Riveting Quest Towards Authenticity

In the electrifying single “Running,” Peekay, the brainchild of Hyderabad-based artist Pranati Khanna, teams up with Steve Knight of Flipsyde fame to deliver a potent dose of rock nostalgia interwoven with fresh, contemporary energy. Jonathan Edward’s composition and production of this track highlight rock music’s timeless ability to express raw emotion and tell gripping stories.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team

“Running” opens with a haunting guitar riff that immediately sets a brink and invigorating tone. The black-and-white visuals, interspersed with psychedelic color bursts, create an atmospheric backdrop that enhances the song’s themes of introspection and emotional turmoil. The music video is shot live at Oddball in Bengaluru, captures the raw intensity of Peekay’s performance, adding a visceral layer to the audio-visual experience.

Pranati Khanna’s vocals, in tandem with Steve Knight’s commanding delivery, soar to remarkable heights, infusing the song with a profound emotive depth. Khanna’s voice, characterized by its delicate vulnerability intertwined with unwavering strength, beautifully complements Knight’s robust vocal prowess. Together, they forge a dynamic synergy that effortlessly immerses the audience in the song’s narrative core. Together, they weave a spellbinding tale of self-discovery and existential contemplation, drawing the audience into an angst-filled journey of introspection and the costs of camouflaging.

Listen to Running by Peekay X Steve Knight on YouTube

The chorus of “Running” is particularly captivating, with its anthemic quality and infectious energy. It’s a reminder of the heyday of 90s and early 2000s rock, yet it feels utterly contemporary. The driving beat and intricate guitar work provide a solid foundation for the soaring vocals.

Peekay, known for their commitment to keeping the alt-rock flame alive, demonstrates their musical evolution with this track. Since the band’s inception, they have carved out a niche in the indie music scene with their heavy riffs, thoughtful lyrics, and unmistakable sound. “Running” is a natural progression from their previous work, showcasing a maturity and refinement in their musical approach.

Steve Knight’s involvement in “Running” is a significant highlight. As a member of the renowned band Flipsyde, Knight brings a wealth of experience and a distinctive vocal style that seamlessly integrates with Peekay’s sound. His musical background adds a necessary layer of authenticity and grit to the collaboration. Knight’s heartfelt social media reflections on his time in India and his admiration for Peekay, underscore the genuine connection and mutual respect between the artists.

The production and arrangement of “Running” are meticulously crafted, with every element serving the song’s overarching emotional narrative. The recording, mixing, and mastering by Keshav Dhar ensure a polished yet raw sound that captures the essence of the live performance. The result is a track that is both polished and authentic, a rare feat in today’s music topography.

“Running” speaks to the universal human experience of grappling with one’s identity and place in the world. As you put on your earphones and immerse yourself in this heartfelt journey, you’ll find yourself swept away by the powerful synergy of Peekay and Steve Knight. This collaboration is the living proof to the enduring power of rock music to move and inspire in India, leaving you eagerly anticipating what these talented artists will create next.

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