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Warner Music India signs it’s first artist ‘RIKA’

Warner Music India has signed its first artist, RIKA, as part of its ongoing efforts to bring Indian sounds to the rest of the world. RIKA is a singer- songwriter from London who is half-Indian and half Eastern European. She has already accumulated more than 25 million streams across all services.

Hardik Joshi | BeatCurry Team

Jay Mehta, Managing Director, Warner Music India, said

“We are delighted to be able to bring the music of this extraordinary and unique artist from India to the world. RIKA is a strong, young female vocalist and we’re confident that she’ll captivate both Indian and international audiences.”

India is increasingly becoming a territory of global importance for the worldwide music industry. Warner Music India launched last year and has already built strategic alliances with prominent labels such as Tips, Sky Digital, and Ziiki Media.

RIKA added,

“I am ecstatic! I am blessed and appreciative for Warner Music India’s faith in me and the opportunity to go on a life-changing journey with them. I am honoured to be associated with Warner Music, which has a long history of finding and developing excellent artists. My goal is to be genuine in my work and to reflect the finest of both worlds that I bring with me.”

RIKA was featured on the Brits’ ‘Sunday Spotlight’ as its featured artist, and won Best UK Female Act at the Brit Asia Music Awards in 2019, as well as the Rising Star award at the Asian Awards the same year.  The multifaceted artist has also been awarded the Pride of India award and was championed by BBC Radio 1 with plays on ‘Best New Pop’ and ‘Track of the Week’

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