Yohan & Mali’s ‘Just For Once’ Embodies An Orchestral Beacon Of Hope

Just For Once by Yohan Marshall and Mali emerges as a heartfelt anthem, resonating deeply with anyone navigating the choppy waters of adversity. This cinematic pop ballad, imbued with Yohan and Mali’s acoustic singer-songwriter charm and orchestral grandeur, transcends mere melody to become a guiding light for those on the brink of giving up.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team

Crafted with heartfelt intent by Yohan Marshall, the song embodies perseverance and hope. The stirring vocal collaboration between Yohan Marshall and Mali breathes life into the lyrics, making the listener feel seen and understood. The song’s core message, that of unyielding hope and resilience, is encapsulated in every note and word, acting as a gentle yet powerful reminder that no challenge is insurmountable.

The instrumental arrangement is masterful. Chaitanya Bhaidkar’s lead guitar work is both subtle and profound, weaving through the composition with an effortless grace that adds depth without overshadowing the vocals. The orchestral elements, seamlessly integrated, elevate the song to a cinematic level, creating a rich, immersive soundscape.

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Yohan Marshall, a Bombay-based singer-songwriter and producer, has poured his extensive experience into this track. His versatile approach, honed through years of collaborating with dynamic artists, is evident in the intricate musical narratives he crafts. Marshall’s melodies draw inspiration from life, each resonating deeply with the listeners in their own way. His ability to unearth the profound beauty in every rhythmic and lyrical moment is showcased brilliantly in “Just For Once.”

Mali, also known as Maalavika Manoj, brings her own unique blend of classic pop influences with a contemporary twist. Her involvement adds a layer of authenticity and emotional depth to the song. Her critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Caution to the Wind,’ established her as a force in the Indian indie scene, and her contribution to “Just For Once” further cements her reputation.

The production of the song is a collaborative landmark. Co-produced and programmed by Reuel Benedict and Joash Benedict, the track’s alchemy is proof of their collective genius. The gentle vocals and beautifully shot sunset visuals amplify the song’s essence, creating a pure visual and auditory treat. Filmed on a surreal beach during the golden hour, the music video is a visual symphony, reflecting the song’s themes of hope and salvation.

In a recent interview, Yohan Marshall delved into the song’s creation, describing it as a reminder that perseverance can lead to the realization of one’s potential. He explained that the song serves as a guiding voice through the toughest moments, encouraging listeners to break through limits and beliefs. Mali echoed these sentiments, highlighting how the melody instills courage and a sense of invincibility. The music video concept, with its dual depiction of real life and the spirit realm, adds a profound layer to the song’s narrative.

“Just For Once” is an emotional journey, a beacon of hope that promises listeners that anything is possible if they never give up. Its blend of acoustic and orchestral elements, coupled with the heartfelt performances by Yohan Marshall and Mali, makes it a must hear, securing its rightful place in your playlist.

Listen to Just For Once by Yohan Marshall and Mali on Spotify

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