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India’s Premier B2B Music Conference You Cannot Miss: All About Music 2023

Harmonizing Growth: Unveiling ‘All About Music’ – Where Connections, Community, and Consolidation Shape the Future of the Indian Music Landscape.

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All About Music stands as a distinguished B2B conference uniting creators, experts, and vital stakeholders within the Indian music industry. The conference serves as a platform for establishing connections that shape the collective future of the industry. It also presents a unique opportunity for global executives to gain insights into a rapidly expanding market. In a world characterized by unexplored frontiers, new technologies, and post-pandemic market trends, this conference serves as a premier platform for navigating the ever-changing landscape.


Embracing ‘Transitions’

All About Music serves as a pivotal catalyst for the music industry by navigating unexplored frontiers, welcoming new technologies offering key insights for success. With new forces moulding the future of music-artificial Intelligence, new technologies, post-pandemic market trends and audience/consumer behavior-The theme of the conference is set to revolve around ‘Transitions’, the need of the hour for the music industry.  


Collective Growth for the Music Industry

The theme underscores the significance of connections, community, and consolidation. In an age where collaboration and shared expertise drive innovation, these values are pivotal.


Connection: Networking, building relations, collaborating & partner with 200+ speakers, 180+ industry reps.


Community: Learn, discuss, engage & exchange ideas with a thriving community of artists, experts, creators and stakeholders that supports one another.


Consolidation: With 11,000+ people empowered & connected across the world by 2022, AAM is about consolidating experiences such as connecting corners, keynotes, panels, masterclasses & workshops, providing a complete view of the industry.


3-Day Agenda: Navigating Industry Horizons

Connect Corner: A vibrant hub where 180 representatives engage in dynamic networking, forging relationships that can catalyze growth and opportunities.


Keynotes, Panels, and In Conversations: Carefully curated sessions feature 200+ speakers, including major decision makers from across the global music industry. Diverse perspectives are stitched together, decoding market trends, consumer behavior, and the future of the industry.


Master Classes and Workshops: With master classes and workshops spanning production, management, marketing, and more, participants gain expert insights to upskill and expand their industry knowledge.


Showcase Performances: Artists got the opportunity to pitch their music to AAM to be a part of AAM’s Showcase series. Over 15+ captivating showcases shall unveil new unreleased songs, and success stories, demonstrating the breadth of talent and innovation present.


Branded Lounges and Exhibition Booths: Dedicated spaces allow individuals, from CEOs to emerging artists, to share their work, ideas, and viewpoints.


Networking Opportunities: From dedicated booths to speed networking hubs, attendees can engage and connect with a diverse array of professionals, fostering collaborations and new business ventures.


Curated Knowledge Sharing: Through keynotes, panel discussions, and in conversations, industry perspectives are woven together, illuminating industry trends and insights.


Workshops: Through a variety of workshops across production, management, marketing and more, audiences are given access to expert insights that allow them to expand their own knowledge and skill for the future of music.


Stats That Matters!

700+ Indian & international speakers at AAM since 2017 who are key decision makers in the industry

200+ Indian & international speakers at AAM 2023

180+ Companies and their representatives at the connect corner 

21 Thought-provoking discussions, curated sessions and panels

15+ Showcase performances by renowned music industry artists 

12 Master Classes which are exclusive sessions into specialized music topics

9+ Workshop on essential music and business related subjects

Keynotes, Success Stories & In Conversations: Explore real industry insights


Founded in 2017, “All About Music” has facilitated connections for over 11,000 individuals in the global music ecosystem. By bringing together artists, experts, executives, and more, the event has propelled collective growth in the Indian music market. In 2023, the conference continues to evolve, focusing on a unique theme that underscores the power of connections and collaborative progress. is proud to announce its association and representation at the All About Music’s 7th Edition as a Media Partner and a Connect Corner representative respectively. We look forward to this opportunity and association towards connecting with the esteemed attendees of the conclave.



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