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Lizzo Launches ‘Sasha Be Flooting Scholarship’ For Black Music Students At University of Houston

Lizzo, the globally acclaimed musician and recipient of multiple Grammy Awards, has made a significant philanthropic announcement. She has unveiled a new scholarship program called the “Sasha Be Flooting Scholarship” at the University of Houston, her alma mater. This initiative is a part of her Juneteenth giveback series, where she aims to support and empower young Black students who are pursuing music education.

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In an exciting video announcement, Lizzo expressed her pride in partnering with the University of Houston for this scholarship program. She shared that this collaboration holds a special place in her heart, as it is deeply connected to her own personal journey. Lizzo revealed that the scholarship, which amounts to $50,000, will be awarded to a deserving young Black student from Houston, Texas, who has applied to study at the Moores School of Music at the University of Houston.


“LIZZOS JUNETEENTH GIVEBACK IS PROUD TO PRESENT 50,000$ TO THE ‘SASHA BE FLOOTING SCHOLARSHIP’ AT THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON,” the Grammy winner captioned a video announcing the scholarship. “Thank you to @universityofhouston for your partnership and support.”


Lizzo reflected on her own experience as a young Black flute player in need of a scholarship and someone to believe in her talents. Now, as an accomplished artist, she sees this as an opportunity to pay it forward and support the dreams of aspiring musicians. The scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to talented individuals, allowing them to pursue their passion for music and contribute to the thriving music community.


Prior to the announcement, Lizzo shared a nostalgic throwback photo of her younger self playing the flute in the University of Houston band. In the photo, she proudly wore a temporary tattoo of the university’s red and white cougar mascot on her cheek. Lizzo reminisced about her aspirations of earning a music performance degree in flute and how her journey has forever changed the conversation surrounding flutes in pop culture.


The Sasha Be Flooting Scholarship is the latest addition to Lizzo’s Juneteenth giveback series. This series has already witnessed her generous donations of $50,000 to organizations such as the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, which supports the Black transgender community, Black Girls Smile, providing mental health services to young Black women, and the Sphinx Organization, a social justice program that creates musical opportunities for Black and Latinx individuals.


Lizzo’s commitment to giving back and supporting her community is truly inspiring. Through the Sasha Be Flooting Scholarship, she aims to uplift and empower the next generation of talented musicians, creating a lasting impact on their lives and the music industry as a whole. The recipient of the scholarship will be announced in the near future, as Lizzo continues to make a difference through her philanthropic endeavors.


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