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The Fastest Guitarist In History ‘Davide Lo Surdo’ to tour Bolivia this month!

Davide Lo Surdo, acknowledged by the Rolling Stone Magazine as the Fastest Guitarist in history has announced a ‘Bolivia’ tour starting this 16th June 2022. He is a renowned guitarist and has done great tours around the world. 

Kritagya Kriti | BeatCurry Team


Davide Lo Surdo, a 22-year-old guitarist from Italy, has built a name for himself as a global touring guitarist. The lightning-quick pace with which he plays the string instrument is his defining characteristic. The fact that Lo Surdo is capable of playing a record breaking number of 129 notes in a single second is astounding! He has certainly accomplished a lot at such a young age. He’s shared the stage with some phenomenal and legendary musicians like Michael Angelo Batio, Steve Vai, Neil Zaza, and Mike Stern and has received appreciation for his record from artists like Alice Cooper and Jordan Rudess. 

Davide Lo Surdo is called “The Fastest Guitarist In History” by the recognized publication Rolling Stone Magazine. At only 22 years, the young musician has already created history with his astonishing ability, setting a world record. 


Davide has announced that he will be on tour in Bolivia in June 2022. The much-awaited Bolivia tour dates are: 

– June 16th Live @ Paseo Aranjuez (Cochabamba)

– June 17th Live @ Teatro Nuna (La Paz)

– June 18th Live @ Teatro Meraki (Santa Cruz de La Sierra)


The tour is powered by Billboard Bolivia and Jam Bolivia.

We look forward to some amazing power-packed performances by the artist on this tour.


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