‘Rehnuma’ is a perfect song for that bonfire date night

A beautiful song with a soothing Indie touch to it, Rehnuma is a light happy track that can easily bring you a comforting smile.

Saakshi Priyadarshini | BeatCurry Team

Imagine you are sitting in front of a bright and warm bonfire, with that special someone by your side. As you stare into their eyes, you see the light from the fire reflected by their eyes. Then you realize how this person has been with you in the highs and lows and how they have guided you by becoming the guiding light in your life. That’s the feeling that Rehnuma by Last Minute India is.

The song is helmed by powerful yet magical vocals rendered by Abdul Shaikh whose voice seems specially chosen for a song like this. The free-spirited vocals set the right mood for the song. The more you listen, the more you start liking it.

The vocals are well backed by great music that automatically tugs at the corners of your eardrums from the very first strings that are plucked. The fabulous music rendered by Subodh Gupta, Bhumit Gor, Yash Khona, Jay Jain weaves magic that invokes the feeling of love within you as you shake your head on the fervent rhythm. The music is catchy and leaves you in a feel-good mood.

Listen to Rehnuma by Last Minute India:

Giving an ode to the love being that light, and how that one needs to look for that rehnuma and they’ll be there somewhere, the lyrics by Subodh Gupta transports you to a mystical world full of yearning and awestruck love. Rehnuma means ‘guiding light’ in Urdu. The song is about that unexpected love in your life that becomes an important part of you, no matter how dark the times are, you seek their light to fight the darkness.

Naturally, it’s beautiful to listen to all the feels. A total package of mellifluous music, honey-sweet vocals along with touching lyrics, this song would simply leave you craving for more.

Listen to Rehnuma by Last Minute India on Spotify:

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