Yush Starrer ‘Pride and Joy’ is Trippy and Colourful

Casting our minds back to the times of glory, where the internet was a thing of dreams, and spotting a telephone was infrequent. The air itself was palpable, people were easier to comprehend and life in itself was simpler. You are going by your day, looking forward to the next, full of zest and suddenly you spot someone. Trying to speak your heart for days now, you look best not to look wrought up or worse faint from the sound of your own pumping heart. Mustering up all the nerve, you quietly look into their eyes for a second, and drop a letter stating all you wanted already. A similar gush of feeling is what Yush has agreeably succeeded in bringing to the audience. 

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


Soham Pathak, aka Yush! hails from Mumbai, the city of a million dreams. Well, that’s probably another reason for his interest in songwriting, composing, and directing, eagerly chasing his dream. This January however was a bit different for the musician, as he decided to connect to his fans on a personal level and narrate a story that was untold for the longest time. Already making a name in the pop genre, Yush! took to a retro esque path with musical connotations attached to the genre he is comfortable in.


The Semantics of Harmony

Talking about the lyrics, it is a cakewalk for those stuck in tie-ups beyond their control. It is understandably a personal composition with soaring elegance to a fault. The protagonist reminisces the good days of naive innocence with a particular someone and has slowly grown to understand that it was not meant for long. The words written are heart felt and perhaps even hint at the inner conversations of the writer himself. Not simply a brave attempt, but it is emotional, lachrymose yet at the core, it is glaringly unhealthy. This is the best part of the composition, it is ‘toxic’ and the protagonist is not unaware of it, probably taking his time to get out of it.

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The use of instrumentals is quintessential and has a calming effect from the minute you hear the guitar. There is an answer to why Soham is well received and is admired which he proves through his artistry persistently. The melancholy hits the heart in the moment of the harmony, beautifully uplifting the vocal quality of the singer. The colorful rhythm and mushrooming beat syncs to create an interesting composition. “Pride and Joy” is the story of moving on from your fears and distresses, because life moves on.


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