‘Tanha Kyun’-a tragedy you can’t seem to forget

The kind of emotions or passions that a heartbreak song contains, is pretty unparalleled. ‘Tanha Kyun’ is a well-made song, which would resonate with anyone who has loved and lost. The song, produced by TBS Music has already become a hit among listeners and is paving the way forward for more such gripping efforts in the independent music scene.  

Saakshi Priyadarshini | BeatCurry Team


The music of Tanha Kyun infuses you with passion and a strong surge of emotions. It totally sets the mood of the song the moment we get the guitars strumming, fantastically played by Chaitanya Bhaidkar with Bass guitar being played by Vivian D’souza. Kushal Mangal’s impressive composition makes the song a tale of pain coupled with a sense of loss. The music leaves no stones unturned in tugging the strings of your heart. 

The soulful vocals rendered by Mayank Maurya (famously known as Maadhyam) forms the soul of the song with a mature, soothing yet invigorating voice. This song needed the right infusion of feelings, which was impeccably delivered on point. The vocal section had some challenging textures and sustenance of higher notes well delivered by the lead artist.


Listen to Tanha Kyun by TBS Records here:

The beautifully penned down lyrics by Akshay Tripathi uses simple words to show that even though one could be hurting and miserable, they would still live with it. As a breakup song, the lyrics gracefully bring out the desperation, dilemma, and war that people encounter in such a situation. Thus, the words are successful in their job. The song uses the cliché trope of impending death by cancer as the driving force behind the breakup after which you can witness glimpses of lost moments at certain places. The overall creation came across as an audio-dominant content. The video is impressive with impactful acting/expressions from Mayank Maurya and his intermittent vocal shots.

‘Tanha Kyun’ qualifies for a great listen with its powerful vocals and music backed by simple yet intense lyrics. It has the potential of becoming a massive hit with its ability to resonate with every broken heart. 


Listen to Tanha Kyun by TBS Records on Spotify here:

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