A Grand Explosion of Earthly Music By Oxygen Band

Served with the authentic flavors of music from the south, the Chennai-based Oxygen The Music band presents ‘Thandanaane’, a diverse thought provoking track.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


Watch as the entire palette of color and music enfolds right before you, only to be surprised at the precision showcased with each passing paragraph. The culmination of everything is so warm that it feels like all the festivals occurring at the same time. The contemplation behind using the vocals and every instrument in places implies composer C. Girinandh’s attentiveness and inexorable passion for unadulterated music. The team’s unyielding adamantine regarding the use of live instruments is a treat for the listener, eager to spot varied forms of percussion, wind, string, or electronic instruments.

The Vibrant Musical Journey

The theme of the song is the exultation of life. It goes through the mundane existence of people who are oblivious to the independence of the earth’s literal son: farmers. Celebrating their sacrifices for sustaining civilizations, ‘Thandanaane’ portrays supreme craftsmanship through real-life struggles. The soul of the song is echoed via the use of instruments so well put together, that all the chaos, much like the societal issues that drive away from their lives. No words can explain the brilliance of the composition and arrangement by C. Girinandh, providing a delightful mixed plate full of flavors, some sweet, some spicy, and some inherently mixed with the western appetite. 

Girinandh says, “Thandanaane is a song that I composed in 2005. We had to revisit the song, Muthusirpi came in and offered his precision and it was very soulful, it is not staged or a conscious effort.” Undoubtedly, the natural exuberance in Muthusirpi’s vocals is what creates the mystique surrounding the song. Known for his bold and dramatic voice, Muthusirpi compliments all the instruments played, proclaiming that he was made for the stage.


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There is a thing about art immersing itself from one end of the creation to the other, if made with passion and love, it is meant to change the experience, once and for all. Where you hear the loud beats and electric guitar on one hand, and the calm sounds of flute and cellos, even violas, you feel the highs and lows of every note. Oxygen’s love for the orchestra is exposed as how every para, at every time frame has something new to offer. 

The build-up for the explosion of music is rather subtle, and immediately you are greeted with the flute, mastered by Lalit Talluri. The way he plays instantly transports you to the green fields of our country, freeing us of all angst. Talluri says, “Thandananae is the song of the earth. Lots of percussive elements, lot of earthy elements are used”.

The music arrangement is beautifully decorated creating the blend of a contemporary Tamil folk fusion with the delicacy served by Tenor Strings with the violins, cellos, violas, and double bass. With time, the listener yearns for more from every musician performing in their entirety, be it, Carl, Vijay, Prithvi, and Akshay with the strings, or even the Kanjira played seamlessly by K.S. Ramana. Bharath Gopal who plays the drums and the percussions alongside Vetri mentions, “Thandanaane has a folk western style of progression with folk rhythms. I and Vetri are in charge of percussion, where drums are the pulse of the song.” 

The presentation is not taken lightly, the usage of lights in the background shining brightly through the darkness is exemplary, with the musicians in their brightest shades of pastels creating just the spectacle you wished to witness!


Listen to Thandanaane by Oxygen Band on Spotify

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