A Sonic Marvel: Tubby’s ‘Pitara’ Weaves Classical and Contemporary Magic

Rarely do fervent music enthusiasts encounter compositions as captivating as the collaborative masterpiece by Tubby featuring some of the industry’s renowned artists – the mesmerizing album titled ‘Pitara’. The nomenclature itself resonates with the harmony. The entirety of the album is akin to an exquisite repository of remarkable talents, each contributing their unique sonic ensemble, yet seamlessly coalescing.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team 


Within the composition of this album, “Pitara” serves as a metaphorical vessel, cradling a treasury of musical gems. Each facet represents the kaleidoscopic spectrum of our nation’s melodies, rhythms, and sentiments, encapsulated within this melodic anthology. On the illustrious date of 28th July 2023, Tubby unveiled this resplendent opus, a collaborative symphony interwoven with the brilliance of some of India’s foremost classical virtuosos, hailing from diverse corners of the nation. 


“Pitara” emerges as a captivating fusion, weaving together a collection of seven intricately crafted musical compositions. Among them, resound the resonant notes of “Mahakal,” “Kabini,” “Jambur,” “Baanhi,” “Funktarang,” “Petipack,” and “Sitaren.” These compositions embody a skillful interplay between classical nuances and the vibrant essence of Western musical forms, elegantly harmonizing with the current spirit of musical innovation. The juxtaposition of the grandeur of this orchestral piece with the subtle contemporary textures creates a truly captivating soundscape. The melodic motifs, often rooted in classical modes, embark on explorations, melding seamlessly with the contemporary harmonies, ultimately culminating in a musical narrative both evocative and unpredictable.


The rhythmic complexities of “Pitara” are interwoven with modern grooves, producing a mesmerizing rhythmic tension that keeps the listener engaged. This alchemical blend, while unconventional, exudes an aura of sophistication and artistic prowess, inviting the audience to traverse the borders of their musical predilections.


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Opening the album with resounding grandeur, “Mahakal” immediately establishes an immersive atmosphere, laying the foundation for the remarkable journey ahead. A palpable sense of anticipation is meticulously woven using the raaga based thematic modes of Todi, foreshadowing the extraordinary expedition awaiting the listener. For those unacquainted with Tubby’s virtuosity, “Mahakal” serves as a definitive introduction, often eliciting an immediate conversion into an admirer of his musical mastery. The composition resonates with an unadulterated rawness, perfectly attuned to unveil the intricate artistry that Tubby embodies. This sonic marvel takes on a transformative dimension with the addition of Lakshmikant Sharma’s virtuosity on the Mandolin, infusing the composition with an exquisite edge. Yet, the pinnacle is reached with the enthralling synergy between the drumming finesse executed by Gino Banks and the tabla artistry showcased by Ojas Adhiya. Their intricate dialogue evokes a captivating jugalbandi, creating a mesmerizing rhythmic interplay that resonates as a true symphony of percussive genius, showcasing unique rhythmic and melodic phrases. 



Introducing the second track, ‘Kabini,’ promptly raises a formidable standard, leaving the listener marveling at the prospect of surpassing such musical heights. The exceptional assembly of musicians weaves an auditory fabric that sets an imposing benchmark, striking an intriguing equilibrium between innovation and tradition. Noteworthy amongst the virtuoso ensemble is the dynamic synergy between Gino Banks and Sheldon D’Silva, on the drums and bass respectively. Their collaborative finesse crafts an ambiance that beautifully complements the mellifluous tones of Varijashree’s vocals, culminating in a seamless melodic fusion. The song explores seamless pathways of collaboration between Indian vocal intonations powerfully and thoughtfully rendered by Varijashree, soothingly layered with meaningful chords.


Classical in essence yet captivatingly modern in allure, ‘Kabini’ possesses a magnetic pull that beckons even the most contemporary aficionado. A pinnacle of this composition rests within a harmonious jugalbandi, interweaving the guitar’s lyrical strains with the resonant vocal artistry. In this symphony of harmonies, past and present converge, rendering ‘Kabini’ an irresistibly enchanting sonic masterpiece.



As the album progresses into its third offering, listeners find themselves fully immersed within the enchanting realm meticulously crafted by the trio of Tubby, Gino, and Sheldon. “Jambur” exudes an irresistible allure, ensnaring the audience from its very inception. The incorporation of Jatin Darji’s remarkable vocals serves as a poignant reminder of the evocative landscapes of Gujarat, while simultaneously forging an exquisite sonic fusion.


The marriage of resonant drums and intricate guitar work further elevates the composition’s sonic finesse, weaving together a rich auditory tapestry that resonates deeply with the discerning ear. This musical union masterfully unites diverse elements, resulting in a harmonious confluence that encapsulates both the traditional essence of Gujarat and the contemporary flair of the trio’s artistry.



Harmony, both sonically and symbolically, assumes a pivotal role within this composition. The juxtaposition of classical motifs and contemporary nuances isn’t discordant; instead, it crafts a pioneering harmony that magnifies the very spirit of musical journeying. The addition of Rakesh Chaurasia Ji, wielding his flute virtuosity, becomes a delightful embodiment of Tubby’s visionary acumen. The synergy of flute, drums, and guitar forms an extraordinary trio, each element carving its distinct moment in the spotlight. This interplay exemplifies a synthesis of individual brilliance, orchestrating a symphony that resonates with unbridled creativity.



For those yet unacquainted with the musical virtuosity of Dr. Prakash Sontakke, this composition serves as an ideal introduction. The juxtaposition of his funk-infused instrumental prowess, particularly on the slide guitar, artfully intersects with his vocal mastery, unveiling an extraordinary performer.


In “Funktarang,” an energy-infused dynamism coexists harmoniously with a relaxed musical demeanor. This juxtaposition encapsulates Tubby’s distinct artistic vision – a vision that celebrates the coalescence of spirited vivacity and tranquil artistry. As a whole, this composition stands as a compelling testament to Tubby’s musical genius and Prakash Sontakke’s multifaceted artistry, making it a compelling starting point for those venturing into their auditory realm.



Packing a musical punch, ‘Petipack’ commences with the mellifluous tones of the Harmonium, expertly played by the versatile Tanmay Deochake. His seamless navigation of contemporary musical blends coupled with his prowess in Indian classical music shines through effortlessly. A testament to his mastery lies in his renditions of Mozart and Beethoven on the harmonium, captivating audiences on social media.


The composition deftly intertwines the intricate rhythms of classical heritage with contemporary grooves, resulting in an enthralling rhythmic interplay. This convergence imparts a captivating dynamism that keeps the listener spellbound, embarking on an auditory journey steeped in both tradition and innovation.



Possibly one of the finest songs of the album, this is undoubtedly the masterpiece that deserves acknowledgment of being one of the most intricate compositions of the album. The arrangement is so well lined up and Gino Banks hits it out of the park with this one. His mindful connection with the other musicians is so well crafted. Sheldon is such a master in his game, that this piece elevates several notches because of his contribution and jugalbandi with the Sitar. The show stealer however is Ravi Chary and his beautiful interpretation of the Sitar as he explores unique rhythmic and melodic interpretations . As a listener one might never get over this musical brilliance and all of its credit goes to the genius of the artists involved with this one. 


Collectively, Tubby’s virtuosity shines brilliantly across the spectrum, and “Pitara” stands as a remarkable testament to his musical prowess. This album seamlessly weaves together diverse threads of artists and their individual narratives, culminating in a tapestry of unmatched artistry. Each element of this album, meticulously curated, resonates with a harmonious fusion of talents, poised to endure the unfaltering passage of time. In sum, “Pitara” stands as an exquisite addition to Tubby’s illustrious repertoire, a musical treasure poised to transcend eras.


Listen to Pitara by Tubby on Spotify:


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