Backclash’s ‘Tu Aana’ Retains The Beauty Of Late Night Drives

‘Tu Aana’ by Backclash takes you into a loop of rhythmic narrative of trance. It inadvertently becomes a trip to nostalgia with its treatment of the synth-wave plunging into the pop genre.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team 


Beginning with a flow of hypnotic tempo, ‘Tu Aana’ sketches the picture of a forlorn man, wrapped in his solitary abstinence from the world around him. The method of the narrative is foggy and even mechanical, yet the intent is clear as day. The mechanical temper of the song efficiently fits the requirement denoting the monotony of the life of the protagonist as the aftermath of the heart break. There is an intriguing parallelism of the song with the tonality of the works of Kavinsky’s Nightcall or even The Midnight’s Lost Boy; all have a similar soul beneath, the vibe of the retro synths and a protagonist deeply wounded by the worldly occurrences.


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Released on the 11th of November, ‘Tu Aaja’ is Backclash’s aka Aman Vanjani’s most recent music release with thousands of listeners across platforms. Having studied sound engineering and music production in London, the genesis of “Backclash” produced music of the genres Aman himself was extremely fond of. The genre of synth-wave and pop is increasingly growing popular in India. Vanjani’s last single “Give It Time” showcases his dimensions as an artist and the capability to bring a difference through his music at tough times. 

The composition of “Tu Aana” is dark and peaceful at the same time, reminiscing us of the long-lost days of happiness. It is brilliantly done through the tone of illusion created by the wavy interval of beats even though it is technically an electronic music track yet it cannot be mixed with a dance musical. The vocal line makes use of interesting phrases and carefully metered words sung over colourful chords making it a light hearted piece to hear. The synth induced rock does not let the beats take the centre stage, rather keeping it smooth on the edges and effortless. ‘Tu Aana’ is deserving of a late night take while being on a lonely long drive as it not only would calm you but also reassure you that you are not alone in this wide world. 


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