Embracing Tales of Identity & Expression in Kavish Seth’s Hindi Bole’

‘Hindi Bole’ is Kavish Seth’s love letter to his mother tongue ‘Hindi’, but more so a wake-up call for anyone facing discrimination for not knowing or speaking english, a blatant aversion towards one’s own language. This musical piece is exactly what it means to be proudly Indian, and celebrating our ‘Hindi-ness’ and ‘Desi-ness’ as Indians!

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One of the torchbearers of the Indie music scene, Kavish Seth decides to ring a bell to all his listeners making them aware of the worth and cost it takes to be an Indian in this country. The song takes a dig at the people who have lost all sense of their roots and have given in to the perils of their privilege, coddled by the hands of our imperialist past. His song “Hindi Bole,” addresses this issue of discrimination that echoes through the lives of Indians who choose not to converse or think in English. It’s like a woven fabric of playful satire that deals with the issue. 


Dedicated followers of Kavish have likely encountered this melody before, tracing back to his initial rendition of this exquisite creation. The backstory is intriguing: during a Q&A session, Kavish Seth chose to converse in Hindi at an event, triggering discomfort and preconceived notions even among his longtime companions. This episode has since fueled the genesis of his performance of this song, a tradition sustained since 2016.


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The song’s allure is multifold. Both lyrically and visually, it ingeniously compels observers and listeners alike to grasp its profound essence. This phenomenon owes itself largely to the fusion of insightful lyrics and the expertise of exceptional musicians from diverse corners of India. The song resonates with an undeniable ethnic resonance, deeply rooted in Indian traditions. This effect is achieved through the skillful integration of Indian percussions like Dholaks, passionately played by Dharmendra, Dheeraj, and Roshan Aade, as well as the evocative Tabla by Ashish Biswas. The harmonious Harmonium, adroitly handled by Vishal Dhumal, Ritesh Gohiya, and Samruddha RK, adds a melodious layer. Notably, the enchanting bass duties, delicately woven by Sanglap Sengupta, contribute a magical dimension.


Yet, it’s Kavish’s own voice that truly embodies the song’s essence and mood. Seamlessly, he carries this musical masterpiece, harmonizing seamlessly with an enthralling chorus that urges involuntary head-tapping and spontaneous hums – a testament to the song’s unparalleled greatness. 


The song evokes a reminiscent aura of bygone eras, where musicians congregated in open realms, giving voice to melodies that resonated intimately with their existence. It encapsulates the essence of the Chabutra genre, characterized by an obligatory chorus, inviting all to harmoniously unite in a shared cadence. Visually, the song presents heartfelt vignettes that mirror instances of personal encounters with prejudice, stemming from the choice to embrace one’s language or cultural practices rather than conform to a prevailing norm. 


Notably, there’s a scene where a character opts for an intricately crafted, albeit expensive, handmade pot in a commercial plaza, seemingly championing the cause of indigenous artisans. However, this facade is unveiled as the character neglects a similar, more affordable pot crafted by the same artisan. This sharp commentary on the constructs of capitalism and the exploitation of indigenous labor resonates profoundly, exposing an uncomfortable yet undeniable truth.


The song is like a blend of light-heartedness and depth, sharing a strong message to accept who we are, to feel good about ourselves, and to not be afraid of what others think. It resembles a gentle act of defiance against those who expect us to conform, shedding the shackles of a past overshadowed by colonial influences.


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