Expect The Unexpected Out Of Bharg’s Tune Trek Adventure “NIKAMMA”

Imagine strolling through a musical kaleidoscope, where Bharg Kale paints with the hues of various genres in his latest masterpiece, “Nikamma.” This album isn’t just a collection of songs; it’s a journey where each track tells a unique story. Bharg, known for crafting music that defies boundaries, invites listeners to embrace the unexpected. “Nikamma” is more than an album; it’s an intimate conversation between the artist and the audience, a shared experience where melodies become emotions. 

By Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team

Bharg, a multifaceted singer-songwriter and producer hailing from Delhi, shapes his musical identity by embracing diverse genres and cultivating a genre-defying sound. Raised as an Air Force child, Bharg’s exposure to varied cultures and sounds across the country laid the foundation for his distinctive creations. From compelling Hip-Hop tracks like “Jungli Kutta” and “Prarthana” to uplifting melodies such as “Baat Bangayi” and “Pink Blue,” Bharg’s versatility shines through. His debut album ‘Sab Chahiye,’ created in collaboration with RAWAL, has garnered over 10 million streams on Spotify, marking a significant milestone without label support. 

Bharg, a prolific producer, has contributed to successful projects like King’s EP ‘Shayad Woh Sune’ and Kr$na’s chart-topping release ‘Prarthana,’ showcasing his limitless artistic prowess. This music producer turned singer-songwriter, Bharg Kale is known for producing music for Sunny Kaushal’s (Vicky Kaushal’s brother) recently released Hip-Hop track ‘Jhandey’. 

“NIKAMMA” is a hiphop masterpiece that fuses guitar riffs, fast beats and intense storytelling. The song portrays a young person who is searching for his dreams and resists the world that does not support him. Moses Koul delivers the major end guitar riff that amplifies the energy and emotion of the song. ‘NIKAMMA’ transcends the boundaries of a mere album, metamorphosing into a soul-stirring tapestry of 11 tracks that weave their way through a vibrant kaleidoscope of musical styles. Each song within this sonic odyssey unveils a captivating auditory experience, resonating with Bharg’s eclectic musical sensibilities. Indie rock, R&B, and even subtle hints of hip-hop intertwine seamlessly, creating a mesmerizing musical terrain that captivates the listener’s senses.

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In “Akela,” Bharg weaves a serene musical atmosphere, where the symphony harmoniously aligns with a calming Amit Trivedi-inspired stylized composition. The musical arrangement is breezy, light, and exudes a comforting allure that envelops the listener in its gentle embrace.

The track “Roshni,” accompanied by a visually captivating video, emerges as a product of the creative synergy between two genre-defying artists, Bharg Kale and Chaar Diwaari. Chaar Diwaari, aka Garv Taneja, adds a distinctive energy to the composition, navigating seamlessly between smooth, swing-inspired pop and the intense world of chaotic metal. Harsh Agarwal’s visceral growls contribute to the song’s impactful dynamics.

In “Tujhme Nahi Hai,” Bharg delves into the realm of chill hip-hop, exploring the frustrations that arise from the early juggling act of maintaining a career and an ideal life simultaneously. The track unfolds a narrative that resonates with the challenges of managing expectations and aspirations in the face of life’s relentless demands.

In “Boldu Sach,” a collaborative creation by Bharg and the popular hip hop artist Yashraj, the song adopts a light composition adorned with a rap segment by Yashraj. However, the lyrical depth takes centre stage, serving as a poignant commentary on the prevailing hypocrisy in contemporary times and among the current generation. The least we can say is that he gave a fair warning to us before! 

In “Nazdiqiyan,” the collaborative efforts of Bharg, Vardaan Malhotra, and Lakshay Khurana seamlessly transport the listener into a soothing, dreamy space. The synergy of their talents is evident in both the music composition and the accompanying visualizer, creating a perfect conceptual harmony. Bharg, Vardaan Malhotra, and Lakshay Khurana, credited for both the composition and lyrics, contribute significantly to the enchanting ambiance of the piece.

“Beqabu” encapsulates a dynamic blend, merging the essence of alternate rock with the intimate allure of bedroom pop. Crafted collaboratively by Bharg and Rohit Pandey, the composition explores a captivating interplay of genres, resulting in a distinct and memorable musical synthesis.

It’s interesting to see how this merge of genres within a single album, transcending genres with time has become his thing. Bharg Kale and his dedicated listeners have already embraced his new album “NIKAMMA” with wide open arms since its release on 23rd of November.  

Listen to NIKAMMA by Bharg on Spotify

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