Facebook’s next big leap into paid online events

Here’s one of Facebook’s moves towards building a robust virtual ecosystem for creators; integrating multiple features all at once. 


In today’s world, we are witnessing one of the most unwelcoming and perplexing moments we have ever seen, and trying to sustain our lives amidst the pandemic during such testing times. Professionals from various industries have expressed their concerns over the global outbreak adversely affecting their businesses. The Internet being the faithful saviour, people are finding newer ways to devote time for doing productive activities, working on their skills and increasing their financial entries. 


Amidst all of this, here’s something that the social media giant, Facebook has announced-adding an option to charge viewers for accessing live streams-to support creators and small businesses. This simply means that a facility shall be integrated for users to charge their audience for watching their live streams, all in one place, at the ease of both the artist and the audience. This shall open up new opportunities, especially for creators, entrepreneurs and professionals who engage with an active audience. 


A lot many things have become online; performances, panel discussions, masterclasses, talk shows, interviews-have all turned online. Even musicians have been widely making use of this time to perform live for their audience. What’s essential to know is that, for a musician, a massive proportion of their revenue is generated through their offline presence, which is through events, shows, concerts et cetera. While the use of social media would definitely be helpful for performing on LIVE sessions or curating ticked-based live streams using other apps, there still needs to be a steady approach towards supporting any scene. 


With the growing concerns, here’s how Facebook has got you covered. In just a matter of time, Facebook shall be introducing some new Live Video features. So how does it work? Simple. Facebook allows users to list a ‘paid online event’ for people to ‘purchase access’ which makes it easier for interested viewers to pay with the help of an in-built payment gateway. It has also expanded its reach by allowing its non-users to watch a live stream on the web or listen through a toll-free number. A facility of sending ‘stars’ to your favourite artists is being expanded to more pages and countries. Viewers can buy stars and send them during a live stream to the artists, where they’d earn 1 cent for every star. Thus, the more the viewers, more shall be the number of access purchases and stars collected through multiple live streams. Therefore, artists would single-handedly be able to perform and generate revenue while also actively engaging with their audience.


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