Frizzell’s EP ‘The Hills Know of You’ Narrates Grief With Conscious Delicacy

Frizzell D’Souza is a singer-songwriter based out of Bangalore, who started her journey in 2018 singing her own renditions of songs on YouTube. She is a singer-songwriter with innate musical sensibilities, mastering singing and playing the guitar to over 55,000 listeners across all social media platforms. Her latest EP narrates the stages of getting over someone and learning to love yet again.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


While the title track came out on September 30th, the entire EP comprising the remaining three songs was out on October 14. Frizzell has clearly defined the trajectory of the lives of many through the loss of a loved one and later harboring through the tedious journey of misery. Each song in the order of ‘Busy Loving You’, ‘The Hills Know of You’, ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, ‘Interlude’, ‘Just as Easily’ narrates the stages of getting over someone and learning to love yet again. Any devoted audiophile who is not privy to Frizzell’s work, beware, as this album through its opulent melodicism might win your heart over!



Reminding us of the days of innocent little notes of love, Frizzell brings her submission over a lazy afternoon full of the charisma of young love maturing. Every bit of the melody reminds us of the pure appreciation we feel for those we have fallen for. The best thing about the song is the serenity wrapped in the enjoyment of being in love. It is evident that everything for the singer comes from a place of ecstatic comfort. The mood created is serene; quite like something one might find on a warm summer afternoon. The acoustic instrumental maintains the temperament of the song and provokes that added comfort. 

Listen to Busy Loving You from the EP The Hills Know Of You by Frizzell D’Souza on YouTube

The simplicity of the composition itself takes the cake. The absence of any dramatic instrumental or vocal swoops beautifully compliments the mood. Having said all of this, flawless vocalization is the centerpiece of the song. Known for her unique and placid timbre of the voice, Frizzell D’ Souza brings out the unclouded and lofty tranquility. Starting right from the rhythm to the lyrics, “Busy Loving You’ pulls your heartstrings, making it impossible to get tired of its innate romance. 



Even though the song mirrors some of Frizzell’s earlier work yet has an eclectic idiosyncrasy, incomparable to anything else. For her regular listeners, Frizzell’s control over her guitar, masterfully layering over the flawless vocalization is reason enough to listen to this melody over and over again. The lyrics are written with metaphorical comparisons of the voices echoing from the distant ‘hills’. 

Listen to the title track from the EP The Hills Know Of You by Frizzell D’Souza on YouTube

For the most part, the inclusion of the guitar itself reminds you of the horrifying heartbreak, recreating a picture of one of your personal uncomfortable moments in life. However soon after the song reaches midway, the angelic harmony with the incorporation of the violin enriches your musical experience.



‘Maybe Tomorrow’ may seem like a description of a melancholic heart at the first glance, urging to ‘wake up’ and leaving the immense pain within the depths of the heart. The prolonged morbidity that reflects even with one’s health, is beautifully portrayed by Frizzell which further makes the piece cumbersome and vehement. A devoted listener might not be able to deduct the vocals merely as sweet or endearing, as it’s so much more than that. It has the intimacy of the hesitant emotions one has in their life; the ones that grip you and tear you apart. 

Listen to Maybe Tomorrow from the EP The Hills Know Of You by Frizzell D’Souza on YouTube

Frizzell delivers this performance with carefully placed instruments. The seamlessness of the strings extends the singer’s subconscious and takes us into a fraction of life with fleeting hope. The track yet holds the beacon of light hoping things are better ‘tomorrow’ and that is not just a product of an artful mix. 



‘Interlude’ sets the tone of the music that follows. Filled with colorful chords, vocals and harmonies, Frizzell D’Souza invites you to the perfect recipe of the enigmatic lows and highs that life brings upon you unannounced.

Listen to Interlude from the EP The Hills Know Of You by Frizzell D’Souza on YouTube


What you wouldn’t expect out of a melody that translates to the longing agony resulting from a separation, is its mild upbeat composition. Frizzell blesses us with the angelic harmonics that echoes with our feelings of disdain and yearning for love. The electric guitar with the acoustic creates the cocoon for the shakers adding percussive tenacity. 

Listen to Just As Easily from the EP The Hills Know Of You by Frizzell D’Souza on YouTube

Violins have an aesthetic timbre of being one of the closest instruments to the vocal range and Gayaki ang. Well, it was indeed a great songwriting decision to have the violins complement the already immersive vibe. Shravan Sridhar played a remarkable role with the violin duties, along with Varun Murali, the lead guitarist with Swarathma, who carefully weaved the entire EP with colorful chords, strumming, picking and rhythmic patterns. Being the closing track of the EP, ‘Just As Easily’ makes its way to one of our favorite go to songs! 


Well, wishing you a relaxed time listening to ‘The Hills Know Of You’ by Frizzell D’Souza on Spotify. Go stream!

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