Gaurav Sharma’s ‘Jaadu’ Encapsulates The Tenderness Of Love And Adoration 

Falling in love can be a beautiful and overwhelming experience, and music can often capture and express the emotions that come with it. Gaurav Sharma and Apoorva Krishna’s ‘Jaadu’ captures the feeling of finally finding love after a tedious search, evoking feelings of romance and longing. This single evidently points out the potential in its simple yet effective and relatable music.

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Gaurav Sharma is among one of the most popular musical sensations on Instagram and YouTube, curating insightful and interesting content about music. His fans have naturally gravitated toward his sense of musicality and his affinity towards creating and experimenting with the music of all forms. Gaurav has a rich musical past with the completion of a preparatory course in Western Guitar from the KM College of Music. Later, he went on to continue his guitar studies at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. The following of Gaurav Sharma might be privy to his hold on Hindustani Classical music, which he was trained by Dr. Shruti Jauhari. Currently, Sharma has been teaching music for over a decade and has accumulated deserved love throughout the country.


‘Jaadu’ captures the flavour of falling in love with someone special, and envisioning a lifetime together. The slow pace of the song allows the listener to fully immerse themselves in the melody and even hum alongside the beautiful lyrics. The emotions conveyed feel so personal that this soundtrack might be perfect for anyone to share with a loved one on a romantic evening.


Listen to ‘Jaadu’ by Gaurav Sharma on YouTube

The song builds over a mild chord progression with only three guitar layers that build onto each other, weaving the pattern that builds the essence of the song. It is warm, with the feeling of love churning into admiration and adoration. Although the composition is simple without extremely complex intricacies, and yet it feels well rounded. Gaurav Sharma while talking about making the song says, “The song started as an interesting three chord progression in my bedroom in Mumbai around October of this year. The idea this time was to have minimal production and an unplugged vibe.”

The production is compact, fuelled by the complementary guitar played by Gaurav Sharma in addition to the surprise ending with the perfectly fitting violins. The backdrop is authentic, elevating the calming vocals of Gaurav Sharma, while he thrives throughout the song. The end of the song with the violin, tugs at the heartstrings of any romantic leaving a sweet taste in your heart. If you are not familiar with any work done by Gaurav Sharma, “Jaadu” is the perfect introduction to the artist’s range and musical ingenuity.


Listen to ‘Jaadu’ by Gaurav Sharma on Spotify

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