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Is it Sound or Music?

The music, it’s everywhere, it’s around us, it’s within us, waiting for us to hear it.

Would you call it a ‘sound’ or a form of ‘music?’ Imagine yourself sitting on the beach, listening to the sound of the sea waves, the sand, the cool breeze and the swaying trees. What else? How about in a quiet and a dense forest? Now what do you hear? Imagine being here with your guitar or flute? It is all about how we look at these sounds and perceive them as ‘music.’ 

If there’s a medium, then there’s music, just waiting for you to hear it. Music in its sense, is so limitless that it depends on the observers, how they perceive it. It is everywhere. If we think of the human vocal cords, you would be amazed how you can make both rhythmic and melodic sounds. Right from vocally replicating a funky bass/electric guitar to a groovy drum kit, or like how it happens in acapella bands. 

Everything that we SEE has a LIFE, a SOUND of its own. Strange right? There is a rhythmic structure to the sounds of waterfalls, raindrops, night insects, beaches, mountains, cliffs et cetera. EVERYTHING has a sound; life around us has a sound. Do we perceive this as sounds, or music? The fact is how well we are trained to listen, observe, and perceive these sounds as music and make musical sense out of it. 

A great way of looking at such sounds is to experience it in old Hindi and retro films-which might remind someone of this unique personality, a person whom we adore and respect whole-heartedly, who’s music speaks two words-creativity and simplicity, the legendary RD Burman. Who knew that he would compose a background score in the movie Satte Pe Satta by making a singer GARGLE! Making use of combs, empty bottles, rubbing sandpapers, utensils and what not, to make upbeat and peppy numbers! Being a composer and having an ear for these sounds is one thing, even all of us knowing about musicians who play these instruments too is another space to explore. Maestros like Homi Mullan, Franco Vaz, Vijay Indorekar, Kishore Sodha and many others are some of the geniuses behind the true tonal texture and quality. 

Even with the advancements in music technology, the thirst to find the right sound and the scope to experiment with ideas has only increased manifold, be it through samples and presets, or actually meeting those musicians and recording them. In today’s time, if there is anything that you wanted to know about music, it is all out there. It is completely on us, how we make use of the information and make the best out of it. Music is everywhere. There is music in chaos, there is music in silence and there is even music within us. It is about how we perceive and acknowledge its presence around us. 


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