Ishaan Nigam’s ‘O Jaana 2.0’ Is A Heartfelt Musical Tribute To Blind Artists

Mumbai-based singer, composer, independent artist, and charismatic live performer, Ishaan Nigam is back with a bang after releasing 9 independent singles back to back since 2019. This time, it’s the sequel to his superhit song ‘O Jaana’ titled ‘O Jaana 2.0’. Read the review here.

Saakshi Priyadarshini | BeatCurry Team


Ishaan Nigam has earned a name for himself in the independent music soundscape with his accomplished tracks in a very short span of time. His tracks ‘O Raahi’, ‘O Jaana’, and others have garnered record engagement metrics organically, on Youtube and other sought-after streaming platforms.

His track ‘O Jaana’ crossed 100k views on Youtube, with its phenomenal blend of storytelling, music that moves, and impressive vocals. Ishaan Nigam released a sequel to this masterpiece on 9th December 2022 and ensured it steps up the game.

Ishaan’s vocals are absolutely invigorating and smooth as he croons the beautiful track. He perfectly maneuvers through the low and high notes with his vocal range. There’s a strange softness to his voice that feels tailor-made for this track. Fabulous vocal phrasings have been given to every single word, with the right starting and landing note with great closing lines and pause marks, making it sound realistic, mature and believable! The vocal design seems more fulfilling as the song progresses further.

KD’s music production and setting provide the spellbinding romantic feel-good music that floats the song. Soumyadipta Ray and his guitar work wonder for the song. The tune at the beginning and end of the track, the electronic beats, and the percussions are the best adornments the song could ask for itself. 


Listen to O Jaana 2.0 by Ishaan Nigam on YouTube:

The lyrics comprise Urdu words and phrases, which make the track a more alluring listen. The poetry is meaningful as it elucidates the protagonist’s love, underlined by the enthralling verse. While the song would leave your sonic receptors satisfied, it’s the music video that adds fuel to the already fire of a song. : Ishaan has collaborated with Brite Roy, who has also played a role in building the song with his soothing composition, lyrics, engrossing story and his expressive acting. Ishaan has collaborated with Brite Roy, who has also played a role in building the song with his soothing composition, lyrics, engrossing story and his expressive acting. Both Ishaan and Brite have done a commendable job at emoting an unparalleled story that gave the song a whole new meaning. Jagriti Sharma’s presence has further lifted up the entire feel of the video.

The video was shot at an actual Blind School and thus holds a very special place for Ishaan and his team. Ishaan features as a blind performing artist, supported by his friend (played by Brite) performs the song at a venue when they are approached by someone connected to their past. She takes them to a blind school, which seems to be actually inspired by Ishaan’s artistic abilities despite being blind. The whole video is a tribute to all such organizations working for the betterment of blind and specially-abled children. Watching the video, we must admit they are pretty successful in their pursuit. 

O Jaana 2.0 is available for streaming on all the major streaming platforms and Youtube. Go, listen to this beautiful track now and see if you hit the replay button! 


Listen to O Jaana 2.0 by Ishaan Nigam on Spotify:

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