Janapriyan’s Latest Single ‘Haare Haare Is A Fun Take On Falling In Love

Janapriyan’s song ‘Haare Haare’ is a pure mix of different emotions with an overall cute vibe. It showcases the feelings of a young woman’s inner transformation brought on by her crush. 

By Kritagya Kriti | BeatCurry Team


Haare Haare by Janapriyan Levine is the perfect Hindi pop song to end your 2022. It has a groovy happy vibe. Along with his most recent releases such as the Punjabi song “Jugni” featuring Ishmeet Narula and the Hindi song “Dil Mera” featuring Jalebi Baby Singer Shweta Subram, he has also previously released the songs “Mai Teri Tu Mera” with Gurgulshan Singh, “Tera Hua” with Vikalp Sharma, and “Bajre Da Sitta” with Meenal Jain. Each of his songs are so distinctive that they highlight the different shades and influences of the artist.

Levine again proves to be a true pioneer of hybrid music as he perfectly blends Neha’s vocals and deep Hindi lyrics with modern hip hop-percussion and pop-like background guitar chords. The lyrics about losing the tug-of-war of love are portrayed in the cutest manner in the video. 

The intro flute perfectly set the stage for the song and paired well with Neha’s soft vocals with the most desirable pauses at the right time. Though the video and the song itself is playful and bubbly, Neha has done masterful work expressing relatable lyrics to put forth a melodious combination.


Listen to ‘Haare Haare’ by Janapriyan Levine ft. Neha Karode on YouTube:

Haare Haare shows why Neha’s vocals are so appreciated in cover songs and other originals put out by her. The video has a warm tone and its colorful contrast pairs well with the theme of the song. Janapriyan’s modern music with Neha’s fusion of classical and pop voices gives a fresh and unique vibe to the record. Such texture can be seen in other works of Janapriyan Levine. All in all, the song has a great songwriting and arrangement, a versatile featuring vocalist, instrumentation and production. 


Listen to ‘Haare Haare’ by Janapriyan Levine ft. Neha Karode on Spotify:


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