‘Khwahishon Ke Moti’ Is A Soothing Take Into New-Age Indie Music

Dhaval Kothari’s “Khwahishon Ke Moti ”, is a seamless blend of rich music for this wedding season. The Urdu and Hindi lyrics make it one of Dhaval’s most romantic and meaningful indie tracks. The song is all about love, memories, and endurance.

By Kritagya Kriti | BeatCurry Team


The way we imagine and cast a picture of pure and simple love in our heads, Dhaval and the team involved do just that with Khwahishon Ke Moti.

Composed and performed by Dhaval Kothari, Khwahishon Ke Moti, a song originally thought out in the lockdown, perfectly depicts the purest form of love-longing. Filmmaker Siddharth Ahuja and his crew, portray a lovely couple who are with each other through a string of memories. Pair such a creative team with Komal Khanna, the lead female actress, and you have a captivating music video.


Listen to ‘Khwahishon Ke Moti’ by Dhaval Kothari on YouTube:

Dhaval’s vocals blend perfectly with all the instruments, be it strings, unique chords or bells. His command over the high and the low notes is what makes the entire song so vibe-along, yet emotional. The bridge after the first chorus is our personal favorite, though. The way all the musical elements come together shows Prasad Maha’s mixing/mastering skills. Smooth transitions and the way all the instrumentals and vocals are arranged put you in a state of bliss. No wonder how beautifully the song would have turned out if it was a duet number!

It is one of those songs that mirror your emotions. If you are happy, you’ll vibe to the high pre-chorus and sing along. If you are in a bad mood, you could sit quietly and the song comforts you. Not only composing and singing, but Dhaval also plays the male lead. He has a fabulous camera presence. Komal Khanna’s theater acting can be seen in the video as she captivates her audience without any dialogue. 


Listen to ‘Khwahishon Ke Moti’ by Dhaval Kothari on Spotify:

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