Mocaine’s Arizona Embodies The Best Of Nostalgic Old Rock

The fantasy built within the composition is nothing short of musical greatness with the crisp production resulting in the 70s lightheartedness. Mocaine in its element, eclipses every other transient feeling with the one that is of stagnant emptiness.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


The song revolves around the central theme of Jonah Stone and is the first single from the forthcoming sequels. Mocaine is the brainchild of the Delhi-Mumbai based Amrit Mohan. The month of August 2018 witnessed their debut release of the first five-track Blues-Grunge EP, Portrait of Dali. That was followed by their single “Lonely Maggot” released one year later in January 2019. Subsequently, Mocaine was shortlisted to be one of the top 24 Musicians in India by A R Rahman for Nexa Music. The version of “Lonely Maggot” which was re-recorded under the mentorship of A R Rahman was released in January 2020 and gathered eyeballs from across India. 

‘Arizona’ portrays the inception of the Billy Munro universe, and is a narration of the chronicle of Jonah Stone. It is the third part among the six divisions of the story which ultimately goes on to become a full-fledged novel. The premise, although dark and grim, evokes the strangest ardour of nostalgia through the protagonist who is part of this fictional world created by Amrit. 

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The composition is heartwarming with the track’s firm musical bass played masterfully by Amrit and Aman. The country, western, and rock stance all mixed together really bring out the mood of the onset of the new dawn yet with the taste of gloomy nostalgia. The beginning of the song “Hey Arizona Did You Miss Me While I Was Gone?” really tugs at your heartstrings and makes you feel it more than plain hearing it. The rhapsody is written and sung with such efficacy by Amrit and backed by Shikhar, that the plight of Jonah Stone seems personal. The remarkable performance by Gaurav Khanna on drums adds soul, elegance and structure to the track. Indeed a tight performance by all accompanying artists on the track ‘Arizona’.

On one hand where the original piece reflects the reserved tension, the live version of “Arizona” takes it one step further.  The delicious amalgam of the keys played by Manu Shrivastava and the finesse of Vineet Jose elevates the listener’s high to a different level. “Arizona” is the perfect introduction you need to the brilliance of the artistry of Mocaine and his panache.

Listen to ‘Arizona’ by Mocaine on Spotify


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