Naarazgi Embodies The Intersection Connecting Love And Loss

Watch as a painting comes to life to tell a tale of love and loss with unavoidable complexities. Naarazgi is a successful attempt at an indie-pop acoustic piece that makes one cry yet provides solace, all at the same time. Composer Sourabh Joshi brings to you a shoulder that might let you shed your tears and urge you to make peace with your heart. 

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


Composed with the delicacy of a weary heart, ‘Naarazgi’ is all about the loss, dreaded the most. The vocals of Sourabh Joshi remind you of the childlike innocence that hits you right in the feels. The beginning of the song is enough for you to be transported to the ambience that Joshi has orchestrated. 

Not surprisingly, this song has the flavour that is inherent to him. The beautiful and captivating string section in his compositions really brings out the artistry creating a distinct character for every song. 

The lyrics by Pinky Poonawala creates a bridge between the forlorn attempt of love and dismay. This balad fits right into the composition and the setting of the melody perfectly picturizes the tussle between the heart and the mind. 


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The production of the music by Debarpito defines his musical prowess. The bit of the second half has the sounds of an accordion that gels with the overall theme of desolation. Cinematically, credit where it’s due, the artwork by Aditya Manohar, is breathtakingly beautiful. Not only is it heartfelt and captivating, but it also moves and engages you with the story of the protagonists. 

‘Naarazgi’ is incredible to listen to as it takes you on a journey of self-reflection on days when your heart stands at the crossroads in love. As Sourabh Joshi puts it, “Naarazgi is a song about that crossroad in love where one questions self and fights with self about which road to take now? The road that continues your journey together or the one that asks you to give up on your love and let ‘Naarazgi’ win. If the latter is the road you pick, the question that arises is was this really love?”


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