Nikitaa Defines Inclusive Femininity Through The Fantasy of ‘Apsara’

‘Apsara’ is about the transpiring realization of the beauty of femininity which is abraded yet vicious. As the song begins, the audience delves right into the mystery and aura of the enchanting charm of Nikitaa. 

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


Known for her unapologetic articulation through music, Nikitaa has always been all about her expressive vocals and power-pact performances. One look at “Apsara” ignites the goddess within and gives you a taste of the muliebrity and manifesting the desires. The song is immersive, engaging, and extremely innovative out and out. Time and again, Nikitaa has proven herself to be one of the premier independent artists with hits like “Bad Trip” or “Zindagi Hai Abhi.” With “Apsara,” Nikitaa has surely outdone her earlier works, carefully laying out the cadence, flow, and layering she is capable of. Featured this week on BeatCurry Reviews is NIKITAA’s latest single ‘Apsara’. Listen now!


The Fierce Performer

Apsara accumulates the feeling of what it is to own one’s feminine energy, and that is nothing short of divine. Undoubtedly, there was no one better to convey this than Nikitaa. Right from the beginning of the synth, her voice dominates the entire song. Her versatility and the positive feminal synergy take the cake for the listeners. However, after listening closely, you might notice the brilliance of the composition, addressing the lyrical need. The instruments collectively sound like you are in heaven, with ‘angels’ endowing you with their undivided attention. The use of the beats makes you sway your body, engrossing with the high falsetto notes, freely expressing the artist’s sentimentality. 


Listen to ‘Apsara’ by NIKITAA on YouTube

With a very minimal usage of instruments, Nikitaa manages to capture your conscious tenderness. The soaring vocals carefully mention how often people fall for the “Apsara,” almost warning you to steer clear your way of them, and yet you fall right into their deceiving look. Nikitaa’s pop influence, with the congruence of eroticism and overt sexuality even in the vocals, reminds us of musicians like Doja Cat or even veterans like Madonna. The striking character of the song is that even without the lyrics, one may sway their body to the tune itself. 


The Woman’s Picture

For the longest time, women were afraid to channel their sexual energies and even be true to their passion. Nikitaa shuns this idea and does not shy away from meeting eye to eye with her divine power mixed with seduction and authority. The cinematography of the music video is extremely sensual, with the undercurrent of energy and the will to dominate. The dim lights, in contrast to the bright outfits of the ‘apsaras’ with their shadowy halos, surely make you realize that although they are comfortable with their bodies and self, they are pure in the most seraphic way possible.

Director Alexandre Bar deserves credit for the powerful messaging and for bringing out attention to the stars of the video. The inclusive yet definite interpretation of “Apsara” makes it one of a kind, referring to the ancient idea of angels among nature wrapped within the laps of Mother Earth. The confluence of the Western and the Eastern is probably the strongest point of not only the music but the video as well.

‘Apsara’ defines Nikitaa’s artiste and promises the arrival of her buoyant, flowering career. Any listener who is new to her art should definitely begin with “Apsara” and get introduced to the saga of her musicality.


Listen to ‘Apsara’ by NIKITAA on Spotfy


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