Rickraj’s Skylight Characterises The Soulful Balladic Pop Rock Genre 

Skylight is a five minute celebration of life and its glory to the fullest. Rickraj with a unique collaboration with Sambit Chatterjee and Bachospati Chakraborty, as this one, is surely at the apex of skilled creativity and amazing musical tenacity. Their ability to weave the instrumental story with flair and style would probably be the sole reason for the attention of mainstream audiences. 

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


Rickraj Nath is one of the most talented instrumental pop rock guitarists in the modern music scene. Mostly recognized for the impeccable covers of famous musicals such as “Panic Attack” by Dream Theater, and Steven Wilson’s “Hand Cannot Erase”, his renowned originals have had major collaborations with well known artists of the likes of Purbayan Chatterjee, Gino Banks, John Paul, Darshan Doshi, Sheldon D’Silva and Sangeet Haldipur, to name a few. Rickraj has gained fairly solid fame from his very first release as a guitarist and has hence been a part of three bands namely, “Groovy Noodles”, “Classic Kid Sid” and “Felt Tip Pencils”. Rickraj Nath recently worked with popular names in the musical world like A.R. Rahman, Shantanu Moitra, and Mohit Chauhan. 


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Skylight, even in its overall instrumental ambiance, has no single moment when it feels monotonous or boring at the least. The incorporation of pop rock with the incredible ballad rock influences results in great fusion whereby the pieces flow from one to the other, all too well. There is a little something that keeps the listener feeling a similar Joe Satriani, Marco Sfogli texture however with a solid unique rhythmic section in the combination of adequate breaks and engaging riffs. The music production takes the cake which sets itself apart from other similar works. The well-placed instruments create the equilibrium between the individual qualities of the instruments where none overlaps the other or takes a special place. Rickraj shines as the guitarist as well as the composer creating the path of the melody that just sticks to your head. The drums masterfully played by Sambit Chatterjee sound light yet have plenty of kick to it. The bass by Bachospati Chakraborty omits the gap between the rest offering an incredibly firm backbone to the composition. 


The song imbibes the intensity of pop rock music and does not shy away from its simple bright and upbeat texture. However, during the moments like ballads, the listener would feel the softer ends. Overall the structural cohesiveness and the honesty in the delivery of the performances by the artist, make this a memorable experience. There is no doubt as to the talent involved in making “Skylight”, and if this is your first attempt at pop rock music, Rickraj’s composition is the perfect place to start. “Skylight” was released on the 13th of December and has since been one of our favourite go to songs. So listen to Skyline by Rickraj Nath. Watch, support and stream away!


Listen to Skylight by Rickraj ft. Sambit Chatterjee & Bachospati Chakraborty on Spotify

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