Rishi Kumar’s Indie Symphonic Journey With “Meri Kahani Tu”

In the intricate web of Hindi Indie gems, “Meri Kahani Tu” with its throbbing gentle beats pirouette gracefully on the listener’s senses. This musical creation, adorned with the heartfelt strains of the veena, crafts a tranquil atmosphere, melding the fusion of tradition and contemporary style. The mastermind behind this musical odyssey is the forward-thinking 16-year-old record producer and composer, Rishi Kumar, hailing from the lively city of Chennai.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team

Rishi’s musical ambitions unfold in a quest to inject youthful energy into the diverse fabric of Indian music. His first song, “Jee Le Zindagi,” resonates with a liveliness that surpasses his years, signaling the initiation of his musical journey within the album “Zindagi.”

“Meri Kahani Tu” unfolds with a beat that effortlessly induces a soothing effect, inviting listeners to an ecstatic audio experience. This fresh and energetic piece strategically aims for a rhythmic resonance with its beats. The artful incorporation of the veena, skillfully orchestrated by the talented Ranjani Mahesh, adds a flavorful dimension to the composition. Sprinkled strategically throughout the piece, the veena leaves a lasting impression, elevating the overall sonic experience with its unique and captivating contributions.

Spearheading the composition, production, and arrangement, Rishi Kumar paints with musical strokes that go beyond the ordinary. “Meri Kaahani Tu” becomes a canvas where Hindi Indie takes on new dimensions, intertwining seamlessly with the gentle cadence of mild beats. The inclusion of the veena elevates the composition, adding layers of cultural richness.

Listen to Mere Kahaani Tu by Rishi Kumar on YouTube

What truly crowns this melodic masterpiece is the ethereal collaboration between vocalists Devanand SP and Ashi Singh. Their voices, like twin celestial bodies, orbit the musical landscape, infusing the song with a haunting beauty. Devanand SP’s evocative rendition and Ashi Singh’s lyrical grace create a harmonious blend that resonates with emotional depth.

As we delve into Rishi’s musical realm, it’s not just about this song but about a prodigious talent carving a niche in the industry. At a mere 16 years of age, Rishi stands as a testament to the dynamism of the new generation, breathing vitality into Indian music. His journey is not only reflected in the composition of original songs but extends to his ability to craft piano instrumental covers and karaoke instrumentals across diverse languages. His debut song, a harmonious revelation within the album “Zindagi,” serves as a testament to the vibrancy and potential embedded in the younger generation, a promise of a musical journey that transcends boundaries and resonates across diverse landscapes.

Listen to Mere Kahaani Tu by Rishi Kumar on Spotify

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