Siddhant Bhosle’s Nadaniya Captures the Joyous Essence of Life

Talk about a catchy peppy number to swoon over, Siddhant Bhosle’s ‘Nadaniya’ takes the cake. It invokes the high zestful self within the listener and can easily make its way to your party playlist. While the head-bopping track slowly grows on you with each play, Bhosle focuses on the simple mantra: live life to the fullest!

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


Siddhant has been the fan favourite for this funk-pop release. With his recent hits such as “Khoya” and “Tu Hi Bata”, in collaboration with singers like Sukriti Kakkar and Nikita Gandhi respectively, Bhosle has grabbed the befitting attention in the Indian music scene. However, the singer has reportedly achieved success as a playback singer for movies like “Gharkul”, “Panga Gang”, “Bikers Adda” and “Bal Ganesh”. It just doesn’t simply end there! Siddhant Bhosle has had strong musical roots from the very childhood having performed on stage with legends namely Laxmikant Pyarelal, Viju Shah, Asha Bhosle, music duo Kalyanji Anandji. The singer’s strong screen presence has all to do with his impressive performances at national as well as international concerts, as early as 1999. 

“Nadaniya”, translating to naivety, is Siddhant’s take on living at the moment. The funk track gives a feeling of living life like there’s no tomorrow! This pop-funk track not only surprises his fans with the light-hearted and playful party number but also keeps them in awe of the singer’s moves. Renowned Indian actress Sana Saeed surprises the viewers with her graceful acting and dance moves. In a statement, Siddhant mentions that ‘Nadaniya’ is a break from his either soulful and chill or heart wrenching tracks, showing off the other side of his persona. Honestly, we aren’t complaining! Check this out. 


Listen to Nadaniya by Siddhant Bhosle on YouTube

Having been located in San Francisco and Los Angeles for a number of years, Siddhant’s influence hails from the origin and recent West pop musicals. To name a few, singers like Adam Levine, Bruno Mars, JP Cooper, and even John Mayer have had a significant impact on the musical sensibilities of Bhosle and it is well evident. The hook saxophone tune played beautifully by Shyam Raj Ji with the rhythmic beats creates a similar carefree vibe overall. The making of the song unsurprisingly is the result of various impromptu versions with Siddhant Bhosle himself playing the guitar, finally landing on the one we know of. 

The song begins with Siddhant roaming around the streets of Los Angeles with Sana Saeed while the song begins with a more disco-like flow. The lyrics written by Kaustubh Panat create a melodic rhythm as it carefully articulates the easy-going and exuberant mood of the singer. The track has a pattern of unchanging tempo yet without a moment of repetition. Siddharth Dixit’s direction keeps the glamor of the city intact while equally crafting the ideal day out with a friend and partner in crime!


Listen to Nadaniya by Siddhant Bhosle on Spotify

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