Sing Your Love Letter To Your Dear Zindagi With Amartya’s ‘Yeh Jo Zindagi’

Amartya Bobo Rahut is an ace music composer and independent artist. He has been composing music for great Bollywood movies like ‘Tumhari Sulu’ while music scores for various OTT projects have been keeping him occupied nowadays. Although, that doesn’t stop him from creating soulful music, often drawn from his personal encounters with life. Read below about his latest single ‘Yeh Jo Zindagi.’

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We all are alive, but are we really living our life? If you haven’t asked this question ever to yourself, this new single by Amartya Bobo Rahut- ‘Yeh Jo Zindagi’ would want to ask this question. If your response is counter-affirmative, the song will inspire you to soak in all the life flowing through you. It is all about embracing the sweet-sour-salty life and the little bundles of happiness and satisfaction it presents as you experience it. 

Elaborating on the idea, Amartya explains, “I love my life and I am very grateful to have it. “Yeh Jo Zindagi” is my little tribute to this beautiful world all around us. The sheer joy that can be had if one sees it that way in every small thing around us, from walking in a park to riding a bike to having a drink, to enjoying your food, to watching Lionel Messi play football, to listening to the Beatles and AR Rahman, to watch Virat Kohli score a 100 and India winning the game, to be happy doing nothing and yet enjoying every living moment because it is a gift from above.”

The musician isn’t new to the independent music scene and has already released multiple banger tracks like Kaisi Ho, Thikana, Shaam Simti, etc. Now, he’s back with another melodic single after a long wait. ‘Yeh Jo Zindagi’ was released on the 16th of December, 2022. The jubilant acoustic pop number comes with a cute animated lyrical video for representation. 


Listen to Yeh Jo Zindagi by Amartya Bobo Rahut on YouTube:

This song is inspired by some simple joys in life that we all experience and celebrate. Yeh Jo Zindagi is one such track that will make you recall all the simple joys in life that we forget. Given the quality and beauty of the song, it was quick to garner massive numbers on the viewership scale. The song video has already grabbed over 157K+ eyeballs since its release and is still going strong. Well, that says a lot. 

Talking about the music video, it honestly couldn’t get any better. Full credit to Anjan Banerjee’s direction and animation and colorful yet alive illustrations created by Ashu Kambli for achieving the correct depiction. The video is a delightful montage of small moments we humans enjoy as we experience life hands-on. The scenes comprise tender depictions of heartwarming love, peace, and laughter! It involves the singer singing on a boat, trekking on a hill, a monk meditating by the waterfall, kids playing in the water, an old couple enjoying a moment in love, and a couple riding a bike in the wilderness as the seasons go by, etc. 

Speaking about the track Amartya says, “I am in a happy place in life, so I wanted to make a song that reflects that state. “Yeh Jo Zindagi” is a song that talks about life as it is beautiful and hopeful, and sometimes tough, but that again makes life so magnificent”.

Rightfully so, the whole video is a visual experience of wholesomeness. We see the singer singing in a field, being himself, followed by a kid playing with fireflies and a few young men by a bonfire in the night, chattering. Then we witness the artist absorbing the wind and above a field of sunflowers as the sun sets, a kid riding on his father’s shoulder, and two girls playing on the swing. The constant depiction of sunflowers swaying in the wind and the beauty of the orange-red sunsets effortlessly emote what Amartya intended to say. 

The music is simple, with Jobin David’s serenading guitar and Raj Kumar Dewan’s bass that glues us to the song. The entire soundscape is quite enticing, the simultaneous rhythm of guitars and bass never giving a dull moment. The sound design and composition seem unique while the strums and chucks never cease to add the required flavours to the track. 

Amartya’s vocals are soothing with an innate hopefulness and joy that enlightens the song like none other. One cannot stop their heads from swaying with his composition and a smile that seeps onto the listener’s face. He starts the track with layered vocals that continue to the chorus while using his original voice to weave magic through the verses. 


Listen to Yeh Jo Zindagi by Amartya Bobo Rahut on Spotify:

The song would have been incredibly deficient without Siddhant Kaushal’s on-point lyrics. ‘Jeene ko hi mili zindagi’ is the most iconic line among all the captivating metaphors and analogies we hear throughout the song. This line is a mantra for everyone who forego the essence of living or has just forgotten that we have got this life to LIVE. Instead, we’re doing everything with our life except living it to the fullest. Life is a beautiful collection of high and low points and the line ‘Thodi Dhoop Hai Aur Saath Boondein Bhi’ inspires us to enjoy both as part and parcel of life.

We couldn’t get over the infectious vibe of the song from the moment we lent our ears to this majestic slice of life served as a song. So, without further ado, we totally recommend you to catch this song on all the major streaming platforms and make it your go-to tune when you feel like living your life a little more. 


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