Sourabh Joshi’s ‘Mayajaal’: A Musical Marvel with Richa Sharma & Mohan Kannan

On your favorite side of the music world lies the eclectic “Mayajaal” by composer Sourabh Joshi, as the apt antecedent to the journey of blissful compositions ahead. Based on the magical workings and journey of the Mumbai-city, this rhapsodic tale is narrated via the exemplary Richa Sharma and the awe-inspiring Mohan Kannan. 

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Released on World Music Day, ‘Mayajaal’ is the embodiment of the finest temptation of seeking peace through the spiritual path devoid of attachments or yearnings. Penned by Pinky Poonawala and produced by Debarpito Saha, the song immerses you into the profound world of spirituality where the cycle of life and death is never- ending. Crafted with exquisite artistry, this song ingeniously weaves this concept within its melodious boundaries, captivating its listeners and bringing them a profound sense of tranquility. The seamless fusion of illustrious folk elements with indie-pop and electronic genres serves as a poignant reminder of Sourabh Joshi’s exceptional compositional skills, as showcased in his previously acclaimed works.

Similar to the effect of this melody, the creation of this enchanting song embarked upon a wondrous journey, according to the composer, Sourabh Joshi. Both he and lyricist Pinky Poonawala realized that this composition yearned for a voice that transcended their own.

Listen to Mayajaal, composed by Sourabh Joshi, sung by Richa Sharma & Mohan Kannan, penned by Pinky Poonawala and produced by Debarpito Saha on YouTube

Sourabh’s musical journey has been nothing short of remarkable, capturing hearts and earning widespread acclaim since his Bollywood debut with the soulful track “So Jao” from the movie “Haider.” His exceptional talent resonates not only in the studio and on stage but also beyond, as he ventures into the realms of YouTube and social media. Through these platforms, he unveils his soul-stirring renditions of popular songs and mesmerizing cover performances, captivating audiences far and wide.

In 2016, Sourabh embarked on his indie artist path, marking a significant turning point in his career. Since then, he has astounded listeners with mesmerizing tracks like “Chandni Raat,” “Bheege Hum,” and “Banjara.” Each of these compositions has garnered immense appreciation, accompanied by new releases that have struck a chord with the audience, such as “Jhoothi Si Baatein,” “Ek Pyaali Chai,” “Dil Yeh,” “Khwaabida,” and the latest gem, “Naarazgi.” Together with his band, Sourabh & The Quartet, he continues to captivate audiences leaving them yearning for more of his musical brilliance. Whether it’s on stage or through digital platforms, Sourabh’s artistry knows no boundaries as he embraces diverse avenues to share his talent and evoke profound emotions in listeners.

In the bio itself, Joshi writes, “ It took me 6 months to even ask @RichaSharmaOfficial Ji if she would give my composition a listen. Richa ji thank you for saying yes! Thank you for your faith in me & all your support & Thank you for getting Mohan on board!” 

Not surprisingly, the fusion of their voices bestowed upon the song the very essence and edge it required, for it was crafted so exquisitely, almost akin to a poetic hymn. Mohan Kannan’s voice, like a gentle caress of earthly serenity, not only harmonizes perfectly with the song’s mood through his buoyant charm but also evokes devotion and admiration. From soul-stirring melodies like “Manja” from ‘Kai Po Che’ to heartfelt renditions like “Chandaniya” from ‘2 States,’ and even the recent favorite “Kahani” from ‘Laal Singh Chaddha,’ Mohan Kannan possesses the remarkable ability to carve a place in the hearts of all who listen.

The entrance of Richa Sharma’s voice, akin to a breath of fresh air, exudes an astonishing aura that effortlessly permeates the entire song. Her agile and rhythmic cadence shines brilliantly, reflecting her undeniable musical genius. Whether it’s the enchanting Ghazals, devotional Bhajans, or the best of Bollywood music, Richa Sharma remains an unmatched powerhouse of talent, continually leaving the audience yearning for more. Together, Mohan and Richa beautifully complement each other in “Mayajaal,” elevating the overall arrangement to new heights and creating a masterpiece that is sure to find its place in your cherished playlist!

Listen to Mayajaal, composed by Sourabh Joshi, sung by Richa Sharma & Mohan Kannan, penned by Pinky Poonawala and produced by Debarpito Saha on Spotify

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