The Flying Fish’s Post-Rock Adventure With EP ‘Waves Shattered’ 

Waves Shattered by The Flying Fish passes with flying colors, painting the band’s evolution and artistic versatility. It guides rock lovers on an emotive expedition through various post-rock terrains, from the entrancing to the explosive, culminating in the finale.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team

The Flying Fish set sail on their musical journey with their debut album, “First Flight,” in 2020, a prelude to the pandemic’s global impact. This artistic expedition spanned nearly three years, navigating the challenging waters of songcraft, culminating in the creation of their EP, “Waves Shattered.” At its core, the band comprises a quartet of eclectic musicians: Aaron Braganza on Bass, Aaditya Surve and Shishir Sharma wielding Guitars, and Suyash Medh commanding the Drums, who, through their dedication, kept up the spirits of rock and formulated the mesmerizing EP. 

Shishir Sharma, initiated into music during his school days, swiftly gravitated toward the guitar. His influences spanned iconic bands like Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, and Led Zeppelin, forming the bedrock of his musical prowess. Early compositions sowed the seeds for what would become The Flying Fish, compelling him to seek kindred spirits to bring his visions to life.

Suyash Medh, nurtured by a home resonating with the melodies of Jagjit Singh, Pink Floyd, and Dave Brubeck, ventured into drumming during the CD era. During this journey, he received a call from Shishir Sharma, beckoning him to explore uncharted musical territories. The band’s quest for the perfect lineup led them to Aaron Braganza, whose classical roots endowed him with a rich foundation in musical expression and artistic versatility.

Aaditya Surve, introduced to music through his older brother’s passion for the guitar, embarked on his musical voyage. Post-graduation, he embarked on a music career, gaining exposure to many artists and venues. The stars aligned when the connection between Shishir and Aaditya catalyzed a transformative musical journey, culminating in the birth of “The Flying Fish.”

The inaugural composition, “Immortalise,” serves as an invitation to an ethereal and mesmerizing world. It beckons listeners with its hypnotic charm, akin to the trance-inducing qualities of God Is an Astronaut’s “All Is Violent, All Is Bright.” The musical canvas here is expansive, with guitars awash in reverb, creating a dreamlike and introspective ambiance. Varun Udaykumar’s commanding and energetic vocal delivery guides the composition, infusing it with a palpable vigor that harmoniously melds with the instrumentation.

Listen to Immortalise from Waves Shattered EP by The Flying Fish on YouTube

On the heels of “Immortalise,” we encounter “Starlight,” a musical embodiment of explosive crescendos. Varun Udaykumar is yet again the show’s star and takes center stage again. This track sweeps listeners into a dreamscape, like traversing a dimly lit tunnel toward an awe-inspiring light at its end. The high point of this song-a sense of expansive or magnanimous feelings, fresh vocal intonations and phrases, punchy harmonies and an impressive vocal range-is what gives this song a feeling of elevation to the listeners. The band efficiently navigates dynamic shifts, ascending to dizzying heights before gently returning to Earth, leaving an indelible impression.

Listen to Starlight from Waves Shattered EP by The Flying Fish on YouTube

The final opus, “Movement,” following the same essence as ‘Starlight’ fuses orchestral and ambient elements, bidding farewell to its captivated audience. It’s a cinematic journey that conjures grandiose imagery reminiscent of meticulously composed film scores in your mind. The music, rich in emotional depth, weaves a captivating narrative that lingers in the mind. The band’s tastefully integrated music elements adds a sense of magnitude to the composition, leading audiences towards a captivating farewell.

Listen to Movement from Waves Shattered EP by The Flying Fish on YouTube

Embark on an evocative journey as their music through the “Waves Shattered” navigates the diverse landscapes of post-rock, from the hypnotic to the explosive, all converging in a grand cinematic finale. Varun Udaykumar’s vocal contributions enrich the already highly proficient musicians of “The Flying Fish,” making it essential for those seeking a blend of hypnotic, explosive, and cinematic soundscapes. If you are new to this band of wonder, this EP is a perfect start to witness their dedication to the craft and resonate with the heart and soul of rock lovers.

Listen to entire Waves Shattered EP by The Flying Fish on Spotify

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