The Madan Trio’s Serenade Of Youthful Love: “Tu Bataa”

Feel the ‘Tu Bataa’ magic as the Madan Trio, led by Hitesh Rikki Madan and his talented sons, Arriv and Advay, rekindles indie rock nostalgia with electrifying harmonies, dynamic drumming and guitar riffs. Join this musical journey redefining youthful love.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team

Hitesh Rikki Madan, the Delhi-based singer, guitarist, songwriter, and a multi-award-winning artist, known for his exceptional talent and as the frontman of EKA, (Delhi based Award Winning Swatantra Rock Band) recently unveiled his pop creation ‘Tu Bataa’ this June as part of his musical journey. What makes this release truly special is the inclusion of his sons, Arriv Madan and Advay Madan, who have delivered such flawless performances that you’d never guess they’re emerging artists in the music scene. It’s a testament to their musical understanding and unwavering passion. This rock melody feels so fresh with its rugged guitar riffs, dynamic drum sections and vocal harmonies almost reminding you of the new age vibe. 

Hitesh Rikki Madan’s renowned musical journey began at the age of 17 when he took on the role of lead guitarist for Euphoria. He’s not only a seasoned performer but also an accomplished music producer, music educator, and the force behind EKA. The lockdown had been a serious time for a creative uprising when Hitesh started performing alongside his talented sons, Arriv on the Bass and Advay on the Drums, starting with Balcony Concerts that gained viral fame. Since then, the trio has graced numerous virtual events for schools, corporates, and NGOs, earning them the prestigious Rock Best Artist award at CMA2022 for their track “Aao Naa.”

Arriv has steadily proven himself as a musical mind with talent up his sleeve. He’s dedicatedly mastered the bass and acoustic guitar while refining his vocal skills, comfortably switching between Western and Indian vocals. Something of it is visible in his performance in “Tu Bataa”, where his musical wizardry takes center stage as he orchestrates a mesmerizing symphony with the strings. In addition to it, his vocal delivery strikes the listeners with a force that’s nothing short of extraordinary. His presence on Instagram is noteworthy, with reels that have left a lasting impact and a loyal fanbase. He’s committed to enhance the father-son trio’s musical journey, which had its inception in this banger.

Advay, began drumming at the tender age of 5 and has excelled in the Rockschool music exams. He effortlessly adds vocal harmonies to any melody and is a dynamic performer. Advay infuses his performances with an electrifying energy and an irresistible charm, traits that radiate brilliantly in this single. His proficiency is unmistakable, whether in the enchanting vocals or his flawless drumming skills, making every moment shine with his vibrant talent. He’s already in demand as a session drummer, gracing live performances across Delhi NCR, including iconic and popular venues like Biker’s Cafe, Lost Lemons, and Bailey’s Diner.

Watch Tu Bataa by Hitesh Rikki Madan, Arriv Madan and Advay Madan on YouTube

‘Tu Bataa’ begins with a blast of musical repertoire introducing the vocals of both Arriv and Advay in collaboration with Hitesh and what a musical fest it feels! Their synergy is effortlessly evident, punctuating their performance with captivating harmonies. With their electrifying stage presence and a visually captivating music video to complement their artistic skill, “Tu Bataa” showcases Arriv effortlessly commanding the vocals and bass, crafting complex harmonies. Advay adds to the brilliance with his nimble vocal harmonies and virtuosic drumming skills, elevating the performance to a sweet crescendo of musical excellence. Meanwhile, Hitesh delivers powerful and emotive vocal lines, along with an impactful guitar performance at the chorus later, which has popularly become his trademark. This musical extravaganza, if overlooked, might become a regrettable decision for music enthusiasts this year! ‘Tu Bataa’ is definitely a track you must check out. Together, they create a captivating musical composition that resonates deeply and leaves an indelible mark on the audience’s auditory journey.

Listen to Tu Bataa by Hitesh Rikki Madan, Arriv Madan and Advay Madan on Spotify

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