‘Tujh Bin’: A Spellbinding One-Minute Fusion Of Pop And Indian Music

In collaboration with the internet musical sensation KavyaKriti, Ishaan Nigam blesses our ears with a fine rendition of a classical recipe packed into contemporary pop. 

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


‘Tujh Bin’ begins with Kriti Daga playing the harmonium while concocting the comfortable cocoon of the classical melody line. The harmonium in addition to the beats of the Tabla provides the initial onset of the short yet memorable musical journey. Ishaan Nigam joins Kriti and the euphonious vocals adhere to their strong hold on classical learning. Soon the temperament changes with the sudden change of rhythm, use of instruments, and even the vocals of Kavya Daga. 


Listen to Tujh Bin by Ishaan Nigam and KavyaKriti on YouTube


Nigam, hailing from Mumbai, has over 9 independent music singles to his name. The songs namely “O Jaana”, “O Chaand”, “O Raahi”, “Saawariya”, “Qaafirana Shayrana”, and “Ye Raaste” have received thousands of visits across all media platforms. Nigam had pursued his Indian classical training at the KM Music Conservatory and is since an established composer, song-writer, independent multi-genre artist as well as a stellar live performer. The signature of his versatility is the propensity to reinvent his art and style of music. 

A similar urge to learn and experiment is evident in the works of KavyaKriti, the renowned sister duo from Mumbai. Kavya and Kriti Daga too are trained musicians from A R Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory. Undoubtedly, the duo’s sense of harmony and knack for music comes from their innate musical training and sensibilities. Having worked in popular series like “Mismatched” and “Campus Diaries”, the fans had been eagerly waiting for this collaboration. 


Listen to Tujh Bin by Ishaan Nigam and KavyaKriti on Spotify


The delicious explosion of the variations of notes from every singer infuses the two musically interesting genres together. Encapsulated almost in a minute, ‘Tujh Bin’ is an amazing quick jam that you could tune in to refresh your mind!


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