Twesha Ghosh’s ‘Khoyi’ Connects Consciousness With Detachment

Twesha Ghosh not only matures through this stirring composition, but she also comforts her listeners, urging them to loosen up the shackles of the past. ‘Khoyi’ is the journey towards finding solace. Dive into this song as this might become your aide and a means to explore your alleys of memories.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


Currently based in Bangalore, Twesha Ghosh originally is a Chartered Accountant yet her passion for singing, song, and poem writing has made her popular. She had sung alongside Shaan and Babu Haabi in an ad for Bingo in the year 2019. “Khoyi” is one of Ghosh’s earliest original compositions, and it surely establishes her as an artist who is here to stay. 

‘Khoyi’ feels like a melodic retrospective of the singer’s personal longing for the lost, hence it affects her listeners with equal firmness. The expression of contrition is powerful and feels like the poem narrates the abandonment of the heart. Her powerful vocals narrate the tale of disdain and effectively communicate her fear of being left alone solely with fading memories. The song becomes an ode of the souvenirs imprinted on the forsaken heart, unlocking you into your own personal fear of loss and desolation. 


Listen to ‘Khoyi’ by Twesha Ghosh on YouTube


The lyrics reflect the poetic self of Twesha and are able to contain the emotions conveyed. Yet, majorly accompanied by the piano, the vocals of Twesha are harmonious and solely capture the essence of the music. Ghosh is so aesthetically pleasing that the song somehow simultaneously takes you to a valley full of flowers, just to calm yourself down. Well, something that could add to and complement the smooth vocal texture and the diction, could be a well suited rhythmic accompaniment. While rhythmically the song follows a four-four groove throughout, the words in the paragraphs are metered in three’s, making the early/late arrivals on the one’s evident. Metering the words to that of the rhythm or vise versa could indeed give the arrangement a more clearer look. All in all, the song gives its listeners a peaceful listening experience.   

The song carefully paddles its way through the dichotomy of being aware and yet being detached. Twesha writes in a post about her song, “The main motivation for me to write the song was somewhere the emptiness that we all feel despite our hearts always being so full! Released on the 28 of October, ‘Khoyi’ might be the perfect introduction to Twesha’s world of artistic and melodic sensibilities. 


Listen to ‘Khoyi’ by Twesha Ghosh on Spotify


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