‘Ud Ja Re’ By Tushar Vashisht Defines Seeking Solace Within Oneself

The journey of the song in itself is self-explanatory and accomplishes its intent to break through constraints permitting freedom into your lives. In the words of Tushar Vashisht, “The song took us over 2 years, 200 hours, 2 COVID attacks, and a pandemic. Work, travel, life tried hard to get in the way. But finally”. Ironically, ‘Udd Ja Re’ should have been an inspiring piece directed toward the listeners, yet it turned out to be the source of utmost motivation for the creator, himself. 

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


Ensuring the success of HealthifyMe, CEO and Co-founder Tushar Vashisht, releases ‘Ud Ja Re’ with Raghu Ramasubramanian. Raghu is one of those talents who have made quite a name for themselves in the independent scene, playing alongside Lucky Ali as his bassist for quite some time.

Culminating with the incredible vocals and the most thoughtful lyrics, ‘Ud Ja Re’ is comforting yet acts as the guardian who wants us to take the leap of faith in life. You might as well not abide by it, yet the unfamiliar security provides the strength to overcome the apprehensions and obstacles. The concoction of the acoustic tonality with the classical edge having soft rock as the better half of the melody was everything you could ask for. 

The intricacy of the music production and arrangement has an air of impressive accomplishment, worth mentioning. If you pay close attention to the detailing, one might spot the small instrumental pockets filled with varied instruments and a choice of sounds. The unexpected inclusion of violins alongside the traditional tabla is just an example of the same, from the genius of the creator. 


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Vocally, Tushar Vashisht is not only harmonious with extreme control and projection, but he also provides the character and a classical color required for the song. “Ud Ja Re” begins with vocals accompanied by guitar, gradually the pace increases and the use of percussion with back vocals elevates the grasp of inspirational tonality.

Setting the mood right away, we inescapably transpire into the creator’s world, freeing our minds of the negatives and disadvantages of self-constraints. The ingression of the electric guitar is one of the highlights of the song. Herein your self-doubting contemplations, despair, agony, everything is just suddenly calmed. Although the string section lets you free and channelizes your emotions, yet, the tabla and later drums create an equal pace for it. All of this is woven together, by the mixing and mastering prowess of Aninda Bose, to perfection. 

The dreamy artwork video alongside the music, all credits to Arjun Bhat and Abdul Raheem, creates much intended sedation and peace for the viewer and the listener. While life is all about the decisions that shape you, the constraints too, more often than not, are self instigated. This is the creator’s way of answering your deep-seated worries, to #TakeTheLeap and let yourself ‘fly’ free!


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