‘Wildflower’ Is A Mesmerizing Tale Of Strength And Self-Believe From ‘The Voice’ Fame Shrinidhi Ghatate

Shrinidhi Ghatate is riding high on the success of her last track ‘Raat’ released in November, which is a part of her latest album ‘Until Now.’ She released her latest single from the same angle, ‘Wildflower’ on  20 December 2022. It’s been a little over a week since its release, but the ‘The Voice India’ fame singer and performer’s track is already basking in the light of listeners’ love on YouTube and other streaming platforms. Read more about ‘Wildflower’ below:

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Have you ever held a wildflower in your hand? It’s so tender to touch, yet it has grown without special care, withstanding all the adverse conditions nature threw in its way. It’s such a beautiful metaphor for resilience, strength, and perseverance, isn’t it? We believe Shrinidhi Ghatate observed this way before us and created her beautiful song ‘Wildflower’ around the flower to voice a strong human who refuses to back down. 

Independent music in India has become the new rage in India. So many emerging artists, renowned and those still working hard to get their work recognized, have been serving some great music in this space. Shrinidhi Ghatate, from Nagpur, had caused quite a stir with her appearances as a constant in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs (Marathi) and later in esteemed singing reality shows such as The Voice India and Asia’s Singing Super Star. These shows helped the audience recognize her potential, helped her catapult to immense fame, and opened doors to several golden opportunities. 

Shrinidhi doesn’t have a music background, yet her work and voice seem a gift from god. The singer-songwriter has been active since a very young age and is currently touring with the ‘Shankar Mahadevan Team’ as the lead female singer. She is also a raging performer and performs with her band ‘Shrinidhi & the Band’ nationally and internationally, which is also one of the top bands in the country. Her live performances have further helped her build a loyal fan following. 

Given her talent, she has lent her voice as a playback singer to several mainstream Bollywood songs from critically acclaimed films like ‘Manikarnika, ‘Mere Pyaare Prime Minister,’ to name a few. Also, she is producing independent singles and albums in collaboration with AHAIBAM records. Her recently launched album, ‘Until Now,’ seems to have some fine tracks. ‘Raat’ has been garnering great numbers and appreciation from all directions. Shrinidhi’s latest track from the same album, ‘Wildflower’ doesn’t seem to be any different in terms of quality and response.


Watch ‘Wildflower’ by Shrinidhi Ghatate on YouTube:

‘Wildflower’ is absolutely mesmerizing. One starts feeling captivated by the song from the very first note played. The song pitches a challenge to the situations, difficulties, or maybe another person who once wielded power to hurt the protagonist that they cannot do so anymore. Shrinidhi, the songwriter, has written phenomenal words that easily resonate with the masses. The lyrics are simple but thoroughly meaningful. The protagonist has gone through a lot and still managed to bloom through all the seasons. She’d had enough. Now, she’s powerful as a mountain and can’t be hurt or broken. 

The song exudes an inspirational, powerful, and motivational mood which grows in intensity as the song progresses. What a tremendous vocal range Shrinidhi has shown! She has dangerous control over her vocals and knows what she’s doing while conquering all the summits in musical notes. Her understanding and execution of English notes and pop singing could leave many striving to match her excellence. Her vocals dazzle through the track.

Rhythm Shaw has once again proven his mastery with the guitar the way he has lent the serenading music through his strings. His music arrangement carries the entire song with limitless finesse and grace. The power emanated by the music is almost palpable and thus instrumental in emoting the resilient, unaffected vibe that the piece aims to portray. The music complements Shrinidhi’s vocal sensibilities and goes well with the overall composition.  

The song features an equally impressive video that features Shrinidhi, Rhythm Shaw, and Mati Rajput. It shows a young woman on a journey of exploration in a rural area with semi-arid, rocky terrain. She tries to trek to the top of a mountain/hill and finally succeeds as Shrinidhi croons her melody along with Rhythm Shaw in a different setting. The video is visually calming and helps relay the song’s emotions fittingly. The video has already garnered 41 thousand views within just a week of release. We can’t wait to witness the sensation it could become in a few more days. 

So, without any further ado, listen to this earcandy on Youtube and all other prominent streaming platforms now and add it to the list of your favorite tracks! Go watch, stream and support.


Listen to ‘Wildflower’ by Shrinidhi Ghatate on Spotify:

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